a little bit of red

I finally gave in and got myself a red skirt. I've wanted a simple, red circle skirt forever, and this one had the swingy-ness and the price I was looking for. because who doesn't feel good with a little red twirl in their life?

I felt like this was a pretty tame outfit, especially for a style blogger, but I fear I may be the new subject of the fabled "Emperor's New Clothes" (aka The King's New Clothes, coincidentally) because apparently I left the house "half naked."

Brandon and I walked a couple blocks away to a store to pick up a few essentials; garbage can, broom, what have you. I got cat-called four times, all while Brandon was walking right next to me, and one of them was far too involved. this middle-aged guy with what sounded like very severe emphysema starting walking behind us and rambling about how I needed to put on more clothes, and I shouldn't leave my house like this, and how "nasty" it was. then he said I should watch how I dress because "there are some nasty people around" (to which I sarcastically replied "you don't say!") and he was only telling me this for "[my] own safety."

what. the. fudge.
(note: I really, really wanna curse A LOT right now, but since this blog is now linked to my facebook I feel like I should try and be a little more respectful of the English language/more delicate ears.)

I mean, guys. this outfit.

skirt- Urban Outfitters // tights- Hue // shirt- American Apparel // hat- Accessorize // bag- Marc Jacobs (gift) // necklace- gift // heels- Jeffrey Campbell via Modcloth

literally none of my womanly assets are highlighted by this loose, long-sleeve shirt and jersey skirt (jersey, the least sensual of all the fabrics). I'm wearing tights, and I wasn't even wearing these heels; they were much lower and much less "sexy," if you can even call a shoe that. I don't know, I like fashion, not fetishism.

the worst part is, not only was this jackass being rude and inappropriate to me for no reason, he had the nerve to imply it was for my own safety. soooo I'm asking for trouble because I'm wearing a skirt? in broad daylight? while walking down a busy street with my husband?

that is just such a loaded statement. no matter what might ever happen to me at the hands of a sexist pig, it will never be an excuse that I was "dressed like I was asking for it." fuuuuuu...dge... YOU.

I've had experiences with cat calling before (hasn't every woman? every. single. woman.) but not as frequently as it has happened since I moved to New York. I know it's more of a big city thing and men- scratch that; boys- do it just because it's anonymous and they have no idea who you are. but the odd thing is it seems to only happen on nice, clear days when there are tons of people around. it has never once happened to me at night, at least in the 2 1/2 weeks I've been here. so it's not even like I'm nervous or scared by it; it's just fricking rude. and disgusting. and annoying.

I know a billion things have been written on this subject, and I probably don't have anything new to add. so I won't bore you with all the different ways cat calling is ridiculous and pointless. but that shit really messes up your day.

and I just want to know, how do bloggers deal with it? does it happen to any of you, when you're out taking outfit pictures with a tripod? I'd feel pretty uncomfortable taking my tripod out in front of my building and taking pictures of myself at this point. actually I'd feel pretty uncomfortable wearing a short skirt, or high heels.
and not just because my feet are not used to them anymore and start to hurt within ten minutes...

ugh. why are people so shitty to one another?

but I will not let this blight of chauvinism and jackass-ery sour me on the wonder that is New York, nor will I let one ill-mannered douchebag convince my that my new red skirt is anything more/less than awesomesauce. 

red skirt win!


Unknown said...

That sucks so bad! What an asshole. I thought the story was going to end with your skirt was tucked into your tights or something that made it look like you were wearing weird see-through pants or something (I've had something like that happen to me before!) That outfit is not overly sexy at all! Idiots. I would totally feel awkward taking photos with my tripod after that, too! But f*ck 'em and keep doing it. If you stop, he'll just win! What's your husband think of the situation?
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

brando said...

I think that it's ridiculous. The guy was a total creeper. Have to just keep on keepin' on though. I don't want her to stop dressing the way she does because of the douchebaggery of some folk, nor do I want stuff like this to taint our New York experience.

Sarah K. said...

haha Lindsey, I too have had my skirt tucked into my tights on occasion, but usually people are just really nice about that and come up to me discreetly (that makes it sound like it happens a lot.. uhh... it's happened 3 times. I'm pretty klutzy).