short 'n sweet

today was just another lazy afternoon hanging around my apartment with my cat. not that I'm complaining (duh, my cat is awesome); I'm just itchin' to take advantage of living in this great city. things that make that difficult; 1: lack of money. it costs money to do everything guys, let's be real. most things that are free aren't exactly go-by-yourself friendly. which brings me to number 2: lack of close friends. I'm used to seeing my friends almost every day, so it's weird to have so much alone time. 

BUT hopefully both of these things will change very soon. and I do still have visitors to look forward to!

crop top- H&M // skirt- Primark (old) // sneakers- Converse // floral crown- American Eagle

even though I am by no means a fan of bearing my midriff, there are two things I love about crop tops. the first is they are usually much cheaper than a regular ol' full-length top, and the second is they actually tend to fit me better. I have a kind of high-waist, short-torso combo that makes crop tops seem not so cropped at all. and they're great to pair with high waisted bottoms without adding bulk, or having that pesky line from tucking in your shirt. 

so yeah, crop tops? not just for skinny girls. 

psst. H&M has a whole bunch on the cheap! this one, this one, and this one make cute summer basics, and I love this one and this one for a little bit of sass.

gimme gimme gimme!

sometimes, time does this thing where it feels like it isn't moving at all. and then BAM. a year's gone by. what's the deal, time? trying to enjoy my life, here...

my birthday is exactly two weeks from today. it's hard to believe that any birthday celebrations could top last year's, but I think if anything can compete it's New York City. 

as usual my birthday wish list is super long, since moving to a new country and not having a job kind of restricts one's shopping habits... but it's more of a "collage of visual ideas" than a concrete list. I'm not super materialistic, I swear. 

1. a new bag. all of my current handbags are black or furry, which doesn't really work for summer. I want candy hues and girly details! love chain link straps & roomy hobo bags. // all from Modcloth.

2. beauty products. it's really hard to keep up a good beauty regimen when you're broke... these are some products I've got my eye on right now. Herbivore Botanicals ultimate skin care set // Glamglow Supermud // Sephora's brush wand // Bumble & Bumble

3. pretty summer dresses. no wish list of mine would be complete without several to-die-for frocks. clockwise from left: Very Vintage Store // Modcloth // Very Vintage Store // Modcloth // Hollie Point 

4. stuff for the home. our apartment is coming along nicely, but it's still a work in progress. we could use a few more personal touches and useful accessories. photo hanging- Modcloth // cook book- Modcloth // mug- Urban Outfitters // rug- Modcloth

5. spring separates. my shopping problem is not exclusive to dresses; I love all clothing equally. clockwise from left: Tavern Tour shorts in black // Market Meet-Up top in magenta // No Time Like Meow jumper // Jersey Pocket Skirt in orchid // Anthropologie Mesh Dottie Top // Breathtaking Tiger Lilies skirt in mustard // 

6. fun & functional outerwear. it's no secret I want these boots; I think I've included one or both pairs in every wish list and collage I've made for the past six months. the trench, however, is new to my list, and I am very smitten. it's perfect for cooler spring days or the occasional rainy evening. cognac buckled ankle boots- Seychelles via Zappos // crocheted Beau boot- Free People // soft trench coat- Zara.

and of course there's also everything on this list and the million things from my "friday favorites" posts. you see, I'm clearly very easy to shop for if you know me but at all. or if you read my blog.

I probably won't actually get something from my list, but it's fun to make one anyways. birthdays are great! I'm just excited to have a whole day doing whatever I want! so far my ideas are; going out for brunch, shopping in SoHo (there's a tour!), a visit to Central Park, a Broadway show, then fancy dinner in Manhattan. I think that day would probably beat out presents. 

took myself down to the fair in town

yesterday Brando and I made a quick trip to the Renegade Craft Fair here in Brooklyn. it was a mini-market version, but there was still a plethora of wonderfully arty things to explore! all of these local crafters are amazing. there was so much I wanted to take home with me; handmade stationary, terrariums, dazzling jewellery, and plants in hand-made pots. if Renegade is coming to a place near you, I would recommend checking it out! 

we got a couple things to decorate our apartment, ate fresh tacos, and had afternoon beers. 

also, we ran into Mel! I "met" Mel through blogging a few years ago, first when I started- hers was one of the first blogs I discovered that inspired me to start my own. when we came to New York a few years ago we met up for coffee and she took me shopping, and was just generally so lovely! she had a booth at the craft fair for her adorable Little Knitty Things (we are dying to snag one of those wood & wool wall hangings!) and it was great to see her again. 

dress- Modcloth // shoes- Walmart // sunglasses- thrifted // earrings- Posie Row (looong time ago)

after a little shopping and exploring, we worked on a couple home projects and went to a laundry mat for the first time. not super exciting, but it was another sunny & successful day in Brooklyn. 

young at heart

I feel constantly at odds with my love of girly clothes. on the one hand, frills and pastels and mary janes make me feel feminine and whimsical, like I'm going to a magical tea party. it's an aesthetic I envy when other more wide-eyed and dainty girls pull it off so effortlessly. but since every year this weird thing happens where I get older, I'm wondering how long I can keep pretending to be an Alice or a Dorothy. 

oh well. I just got white polka dot tights to go with a pale blue eyelet dress, so Imma try and work it for a little while longer. 

dress- H&M // floral headband- American Eagle // tights- Hue // shoes- New Look

that's right, this dress is blue. the lighting doesn't really lend itself to true colors.
special thanks to the guy in the pictures for making it possible for you to tell they are not in sequence.
and that's all for tonight!
hope you're all enjoying your weekend. 

it's just raining, ain't no need to go outside

hello, lovelies, and a happy friday to you! it's a terrible rainy day here in Brooklyn, but that makes it the perfect time to catch up on my blogging, watch Parks & Rec in bulk, and snuggle with my cat. 

here are this week's friday favourites!

1. this vintage dress is simply perfect. sunny florals, full skirt, cute little bow- I'm dying. 

2. I've discovered a love of succulents! they're so pretty, you guys. and they seem hard to kill... I want to get a couple to nature-up the living room. pretty!

3. I think it's necessary for me to have a bike now that I live in Brooklyn. this one is a cheapie, but it's still so cute. // Walmart. 

4. it's coming up on crop top season! I'm not one for showing off the tummy, but with a high-waisted skirt and preppy sandals, even I can enjoy these cute little numbers. // Modcloth.

5. I have a new blog crush! Olivia of What Olivia Did is so classy and beautiful that I just may envy her to death. I want to steal her closet of girly separates and elegant vintage dresses.

6. one month in the US and I still don't have a phone. blerg. but when I do get one, I want this adorable phone case to go with it! // Tasteful Tatters.

7. I've fallen back in love with Zara and all of its classic, chic clothes. I love how these pieces are fresh and flirty, but would still fit in on an Old Hollywood movie set. // Zara.

8. just can't get enough of The Mindy Project and her amazing, vibrant style! Mindy mixes bold patterns and bright colors in a way that's still classy. now I just have to wait in agony till the next season starts. // screenshots by moi.
(sorry about the status bar! screen shots are not my strong suit.)

happy days

yesterday was a happy day.
last night Brandon and I met a couple new friends at a sports bar in Williamsburg to watch game 7 of the Canadiens vs. Bruins. it was a blast! had a couple pints of Brooklyn Lager, shared delicious chilli cheese nachos, got to hang out with terrific people, aaaaand the Habs won!
I'm sure if you are any sort of a hockey fan you knew that already, but I think it's worth mentioning.

I didn't go all out in the bleu, blanc, et rouge, but I did don an appropriately crimson skirt. 

top- American Eagle // skirt- Urban Outfitters // tights- Joe Fresh // shoes- Modcloth // jacket- thrifted

the best part of all this is now Montreal is playing New York in the conference finals, meaning I can stalk the team fairly easily I have the chance to actually go to a game! my sister is coming to visit and we're going to see one together. my first NHL game is a playoff Canadiens game! GUYS I AM SO EXCITED. can't you tell from all the exclamation marks?

in fact, the next two weeks are shaping up to be pretty amazeballs. I'm so pumped that I kind of wanna rub it in your guys faces how much fun I'm going to be having... my sister's visiting, hockey game, going to Toronto to see my best friend, then another friend visiting here in New York, then her birthday, then my birthday! so much awesome in May, you guys. whodah thought?

I'm in my dorkalicious glee planning all the sightseeing. if travel agent was still a viable career choice, I would definitely rock that job. itinerary's are my jam.    

if anyone needs a trip planned or a very inexperienced NYC tour guide, I'm yer guy. hit me up.
I will charge you in coffee and food truck gyros. 
(it's ok, I'll be walking it off.)

little island girl

yesterday Brandon and I visited Coney Island! 
that warrants an exclamation point because it was our first visit and also the weather was amazing. positively summer-esque. maybe not for you real New Yorkers, but I come from a place where it snowed last week... so yeah it felt like summer to us. 

skirt- H&M // tee- Lord Fletcher's bar // bag- fr. Morocco // boots- Shoe the Bear // sunglasses- Fray Bans // earrings- gift

I tried my best to dress for the occasion; I went for comfy and colorful. I really wanted to wear my new orange skirt (replacement for old orange skirt, which I still love but no longer loves me back. I feel like I should be a spokesperson for H&M right now because it seems like lately theirs is the only stuff that fits me/makes me feel good.)

I paired it with another of my wearable souvenirs, my Lord Fletcher's t-shirt. I got it at a bar in Minnesota last summer. wow, I cannot believe it's already been almost a year since that road trip! and I still haven't shared some of the pictures... we'll move on from that for now. 

threw on a few quirky accessories and a pair of earrings that remind me of juggling, and my amusement-parky ensemble was complete! (amusement-parky is a legit adjective, right?)

I'm aware that Coney Island is more than just the boardwalk and the beach and the roller coasters... but all that stuff is pretty awesome. it was such a great day! I convinced Brandon to ride the Cyclone (he was not very enthusiastic) and he yelled during the ride that he didn't like it... but I think he did. he even bought that cheesy picture they print out at the end. 

we also went to the Coney Island sideshow, which thankfully isn't as freaky as it sounds, and we got delicious diner food on the boardwalk. I really want to go back and explore more of the neighborhood, get on more rides (Brando's such a scaredy cat), and hopefully do some barefoot beach frolicking. 

also I want to try the pizza at Spumoni Gardens, because I saw it on Man Vs. Food and they put the sauce on top. seems delicious.  

so far all of our Brooklyn explorations have been a success! this weekend I wanna get to the Botanic Garden and the renegade craft fair. Brandon's working all week but maybe I'll do a little wandering on my own. maybe I'll get cupcakes! 
cupcakes are always a good plan.