movin' on up

good news, blogger buddies; we have an apartment! 
on wednesday Brandon and I will be the newest residents of a Brooklyn brownstone. our place has three bedrooms, two brick fireplaces, and a dishwasher! the dining/living room space is a little small for both, so one of the bigger bedrooms is actually going to be a living room. another will be a guest room/my closet! CLOSET. it's been so long since I had a real closet. 

since I missed the last friday favourites post, I thought I'd do an apartment-themed one to make up for it. I'm excited to start picking out furniture and decorating and hunting for special little touches at the flea market. for inspiration, I picked things that are mostly affordable and that we are actually hoping to add to our new home!
(sorry I made the picture so small... I need to get better at arranging these little collages.)

1. this light fixture is a little out of our price range, but I'm hoping I can find something with a similar vibe at Ikea or something! // Panselinos.
2. I want to keep the big things neutral and accessorize with lots of bright colors; red, pink, turquoise, and chartreuse. // Urban Outfitters.
3. I'm completely fixated on this couch; it's my absolute must-have piece of furniture. I love the marled grey color, and it converts into a sofa bed! great for all the visitors we're hoping for. // Urban Outfitters.
4. we picked a cool wingback chair for Brandon. // Ikea.
5. bright curtains add color to the walls without the annoyance of painting. // Modcloth. 
6. same goes for temporary wallpaper! I love gold accents, and white keeps a small-ish space looking open.
7. an giant, plush ottoman serves as extra seating and extra storage; this one looks so old-Hollywood to me. // Urban Outfitters. 
8. I love a good accent pillow! Urban Outfitters & Modcloth.
9. this is another piece that we probably won't splurge on for a while, but it's my absolute favourite coffee table. hairpin legs, a glass top, and it opens up for storage. // Urban Outfitters. 
10. I have a thing for wire accent furniture. // Modcloth.
11. the perfect "welcome" mat for an entranceway. // Modcloth.
12. a simple side table on wheels can be used in any room. // Ikea.  
13. love the bright color of this refurbished dresser. // Aqua Xpressions.
14. this storage piece is so funky and mod; and it ties in almost all the colors I want to use. // Ikea.
15. the coolest record shelf- every apartment needs a little hot pink! Urban Outfitters. 
16. a clean & simple wardrobe to contain the overflow of dresses from my closet. // Ikea.
17. sometimes you need a little wall decor that isn't a poster of photo. these pretty letters look great in a gallery wall. // Urban Outfitters.
18. definitely, definitely my dream bed frame... yes please. // Ikea.

I can't wait to move in! 
I'll be sure to share photos once we actually buy some furniture. right now all we have is a mattress; my first grown-up purchase! 


Unknown said...

That bed is gorgeously perfect :o wow! i love your blog by the way! one of my favourite to read!
hope you have a good time in your new apartment :)

Jody-Kate x

Sarah K. said...

thank you so much, Jody Kate! that's so nice to hear.

we are loving the new apartment, but the unpacking/cleaning/finding things to put in it... not as much! I'm excited to get it at least resembling a home. :)