I've seen the bridge

it's amazing how quickly one can acquire internet here.
day three in our new apartment, and we're all webbed-up! which is awesome because we all know I can't survive long without the internet... or with crappy internet, for that matter. sweet, sweet, high speed...

ok so the point of this is, since I have real internet again I can share this post/these photos that have been sitting patiently on my flickr for four or five days. 

my first walk across the Brooklyn Bridge!

(outfit post & a couple more bridge pics after the jump!) 

I've seen the Brooklyn Bridge from afar- on bus tours or from the J train- but never up-close and personal. which is kind of crazy because it's so iconic! Brando and I only trotted across to take pictures (tourist geeks) but it is definitely a landmark of pure function. there seem to be tons of people on it, all the time. these photos may look sparsely populated, but that is an optical illusion achieved by angles, patience, and good timing! 

but can you blame us for wanting its picture? I mean, look at it. it's so darn photogenic. 

we stuck to the Manhattan side since we were meeting a friend, and on the way back uptown we wandered by city hall. I didn't really get a good picture of it because I was too distracted by the blossoming trees... but it was a quieter spot to get a few more outfit pics. 

dress- vintage // cardigan- H&M // coat- gift (Vero Moda, I think?) // flats- Primark

please ignore two things in the previous outfit post: one, how terrible this dress makes my tummy look; and two, how sad and dilapidated my little red shoes are. this is why curvy* girls should not wear drop waists, and why you should never fall for the "quantity over quality" school of thought when it comes to dressing your feet. New York has already taught me to invest in comfy flats for all the walking I will most definitely be doing. 

and you know how I hate an excuse to go shoe shopping.
oh wait. that's not me. that's anyone else. 

♥ happy friday everyone!
(friday favourites is late again, but will still happen...in case you care...)

*by "curvy" I mean, the convex curve of my belly.

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