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Friday Favourites time again!
(I guess soon I'll have to start calling it "Friday Favorites"...oh America, why do you hate the letter "u"?)

1. Benefit has a new bb cream, and it sounds amazing. I love their products; they're usually worth the steep price, and I'm a sucker for fun packaging/ ads! //Benefit.

2. speaking of fun packaging, I love this cool triangle shelf. practical and pretty. //The 807.

3. I can't wait to move for many, many reasons, and one of them is that I can start buying records again! I have such a long list, and these are at the top... because it's a little late in the game to still not own any of them. //images via google.

4. Rebecca posted looks from this amazing retro brand on her blog a couple days ago, and I am already hooked. it's not exactly cheap, but for outfits this cute? worth it. //Tara Starlet.

5. in LOVE with this. just in love. //Modcloth.

6. I recently ran out of dry shampoo and couldn't find my regular brand at the store, so I tried a new one. do yourself a favour- never get a dry shampoo other than Batiste. everything else is trash in comparison. (I've tried a couple others as well, and nothing beats this stuff!) the tropical kind smells like coconuts. //Batiste.

7. my two newest sartorial crushes; incredible vintage flair to ring in the season of florals in style, and  fun & fancy tulle that makes me wish I had a special occasion to attend! //Modcloth.

8. Kaylah shared this adorable locker earlier on her Friday favourites, and I just had to include it on mine. it has such a fun, shabby-chic vibe. //Urban Outfitters.

9. sorry for the slight inappropriateness... but I really want this ring set! it's so funny. //Amarilo.

10. I've been reading The Great Gatsby, and of course all I can picture when reading about Daisy Buchanan are Carey Mulligan and her enviable on-screen ensembles. I'm obsessed with the delicate headbands, the extravagant jewellery, the pretty hats, and the luxurious furs. why can't I dress in jewels and lace everyday?? //images via google.

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