everybody's starry-eyed

so Brooklyn is pretty much awesome.

Brandon and I have been wandering around our neighborhood a little and slowly taking it all in. there are lots of cool places to eat and the people are awesome and friendly. it's definitely going to be a bit of a challenge to adjust to living in 'Murrica, but it's mostly the little things that are the biggest differences... for instance, do any of you know where I can find spicy thai tuna? 

it's very important to me.

this is our new home! at least, it's the outside of our new home. that window above the door? that's my window. yeah. I have a New York City window. (technically I rent it but you get what I'm trying to do here.) 

I'm hoping to share some photos of the inside asap, but it's currently empty save for a bed and two side tables. starting from scratch is hard. little by little we will fill the space with cheap furniture and kitschy nick-knacks. tomorrow our couch arrives; bam! 

then all I need is something to put my multitudes of clothes in so that I can finally unpack those gosh-awful suitcases. once and for all. let's hope so, anyways. 

dress- Modcloth // belt- thrifted // shoes- gift (Shoe the Bear) // sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (last year)

getting dressed lately has been a very un-amusing game of chance. I pull an item out of one suitcase, only to spend 20 minutes digging through another to find anything that goes with it. it's suitcase roulette, and I think my luck will soon be running out... it's getting harder and harder to find clean clothes that fit me. but that's a topic for another time...

have a good one, all!
love love. 

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