been such a long time, think I should be goin'

my oh my, it's been such a long while since my last post! 
in my defence, I have been very busy, with everything from emotional breakdowns to last-minute moving prep. 
(don't worry, the emotional breakdowns were nothing serious. in fact this week has turned out to be pretty sensational!)

Brandon and I finally got the a-ok from 'Murrica to move to New York! now all we have to do is check and re-check our documents a million times (no need for another airport jail experience, thankyouverymuch), buy our plane tickets, and we're on our way! I am beyond thrilled. nervous, and anxious. may possibly throw up a lot in the future. but definitely, definitely thrilled!

this outfit makes me feel like kind of a badass... I'm sure it's mostly the leather jacket, but also partially because my hair is actually doing that va-va-voom thing for once. add a little faux fur and I'm pretty sure this is about as "edgy" as I get. 

edgy is not a word I would use to describe my style; even when I wear leather or studded pieces they're usually feminized by flouncy tops or flowery lace. I'm cool with that- I've never really seen myself typecast as the vixen. and I can still enjoy an outfit like this in all its rocker-chic girlyness. (pencil skirts? not very badass, haha)

(fake)leather jacket- thrifted // skirt- Bettie Page // tee- concert merch // gloves- gift // boots- Aldo // casette necklace- Twisted Sisters // feather necklace- gift // polka dot tights- Joe Fresh

one more thing to note: if you'll recall, I fulfilled a life-long dream of seeing The Eagles in Louisville this summer on my epic road trip. that's where I got this t-shirt! cool tees make the best souvenirs. I got a bunch on that trip, including a "Why Louisville?" tee, local bar swag from Lake Minnetonka, and a Calgary Stampeders shirt! 

actually, this skirt is also a sweet find from the trip... I'm wearing a bunch of road-trip swag, guys! and I've used the word "swag" twice now... I'm so hip. 

Sarah, OUT.

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