a fresh start

it's that time once again! 
I can't believe how quickly this week has gone by. you guys... I'm moving to another country in three days. do you realize how soon that is?? that's like... a long weekend. only not, because it has the word "long" in its title, and that's misleading.

I really had good intentions of posting more this week, but of course things kept getting in the way! we're keeping busy making sure everything is ready to go. besides, every time I go outside to take pictures the wind is absolutely crazy, so the conditions for style blogging are not great...

anywho, enough with the excuses! at least you have a friday favourites post, right?
hmm... maybe I'm the only one who likes these, but that's good enough for now. :)

1. yet another adorable dress from Modcloth that I desperately need... how amazing is that print? // Modcloth.

2. monotone wall greetings. this is delightfully kitschy! (also the shop literally has my name on it...) // Sarah K. Benning.

3. I love the look of old milk crates to give a space some hipster flair- especially if you work them into a great diy shelf. // Urban Outfitters.

4. maxi skirts are perfect for me in warmer weather- I can wear bike shorts under them to avoid that awful heat-induced chaffing that no one talks about... these are real problems, people. // Ruche.

5. I know this is probably made for a baby, but I want it for myself! // Mistr Sandman.

6. I love that this necklace kind of looks like wood, kind of like bone, or possibly stone. it fits with so many outfit vibes. // Noonday Collection.

7. the absolute cutest swim suit. a must-have. // Modcloth.

8. I guess I'm going for a fruit thing this week? these bags are adorable. // Modcloth.

9. hot pink record shelf? don't mind if I do. // Urban Outfitters.

10. this shop has so many fun prints; I'm partial to anything kitty cat-themed, and a good pun! // Sams Simple Decor.

happy weekend everyone!
when I start the new week, I'll be in NYC! 
GAAAAAAAH! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

ps. ooh! I almost forgot- The Ocean in Your Bedroom has a facebook page now! so if you have facebook (which, come on... you do) then I guess you could, ya know... like my page. there are also other ways to follow by using my new-fandangled buttons, up there on the right in my sidebar!)

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