everybody's starry-eyed

so Brooklyn is pretty much awesome.

Brandon and I have been wandering around our neighborhood a little and slowly taking it all in. there are lots of cool places to eat and the people are awesome and friendly. it's definitely going to be a bit of a challenge to adjust to living in 'Murrica, but it's mostly the little things that are the biggest differences... for instance, do any of you know where I can find spicy thai tuna? 

it's very important to me.

this is our new home! at least, it's the outside of our new home. that window above the door? that's my window. yeah. I have a New York City window. (technically I rent it but you get what I'm trying to do here.) 

I'm hoping to share some photos of the inside asap, but it's currently empty save for a bed and two side tables. starting from scratch is hard. little by little we will fill the space with cheap furniture and kitschy nick-knacks. tomorrow our couch arrives; bam! 

then all I need is something to put my multitudes of clothes in so that I can finally unpack those gosh-awful suitcases. once and for all. let's hope so, anyways. 

dress- Modcloth // belt- thrifted // shoes- gift (Shoe the Bear) // sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (last year)

getting dressed lately has been a very un-amusing game of chance. I pull an item out of one suitcase, only to spend 20 minutes digging through another to find anything that goes with it. it's suitcase roulette, and I think my luck will soon be running out... it's getting harder and harder to find clean clothes that fit me. but that's a topic for another time...

have a good one, all!
love love. 

I've seen the bridge

it's amazing how quickly one can acquire internet here.
day three in our new apartment, and we're all webbed-up! which is awesome because we all know I can't survive long without the internet... or with crappy internet, for that matter. sweet, sweet, high speed...

ok so the point of this is, since I have real internet again I can share this post/these photos that have been sitting patiently on my flickr for four or five days. 

my first walk across the Brooklyn Bridge!

(outfit post & a couple more bridge pics after the jump!) 

movin' on up

good news, blogger buddies; we have an apartment! 
on wednesday Brandon and I will be the newest residents of a Brooklyn brownstone. our place has three bedrooms, two brick fireplaces, and a dishwasher! the dining/living room space is a little small for both, so one of the bigger bedrooms is actually going to be a living room. another will be a guest room/my closet! CLOSET. it's been so long since I had a real closet. 

since I missed the last friday favourites post, I thought I'd do an apartment-themed one to make up for it. I'm excited to start picking out furniture and decorating and hunting for special little touches at the flea market. for inspiration, I picked things that are mostly affordable and that we are actually hoping to add to our new home!
(sorry I made the picture so small... I need to get better at arranging these little collages.)

1. this light fixture is a little out of our price range, but I'm hoping I can find something with a similar vibe at Ikea or something! // Panselinos.
2. I want to keep the big things neutral and accessorize with lots of bright colors; red, pink, turquoise, and chartreuse. // Urban Outfitters.
3. I'm completely fixated on this couch; it's my absolute must-have piece of furniture. I love the marled grey color, and it converts into a sofa bed! great for all the visitors we're hoping for. // Urban Outfitters.
4. we picked a cool wingback chair for Brandon. // Ikea.
5. bright curtains add color to the walls without the annoyance of painting. // Modcloth. 
6. same goes for temporary wallpaper! I love gold accents, and white keeps a small-ish space looking open.
7. an giant, plush ottoman serves as extra seating and extra storage; this one looks so old-Hollywood to me. // Urban Outfitters. 
8. I love a good accent pillow! Urban Outfitters & Modcloth.
9. this is another piece that we probably won't splurge on for a while, but it's my absolute favourite coffee table. hairpin legs, a glass top, and it opens up for storage. // Urban Outfitters. 
10. I have a thing for wire accent furniture. // Modcloth.
11. the perfect "welcome" mat for an entranceway. // Modcloth.
12. a simple side table on wheels can be used in any room. // Ikea.  
13. love the bright color of this refurbished dresser. // Aqua Xpressions.
14. this storage piece is so funky and mod; and it ties in almost all the colors I want to use. // Ikea.
15. the coolest record shelf- every apartment needs a little hot pink! Urban Outfitters. 
16. a clean & simple wardrobe to contain the overflow of dresses from my closet. // Ikea.
17. sometimes you need a little wall decor that isn't a poster of photo. these pretty letters look great in a gallery wall. // Urban Outfitters.
18. definitely, definitely my dream bed frame... yes please. // Ikea.

I can't wait to move in! 
I'll be sure to share photos once we actually buy some furniture. right now all we have is a mattress; my first grown-up purchase! 

someplace new

guys, we made it!
well, we kind of made it six days ago... but it's been a crazy week, ok? we live in New York now!

Brando, Ninja, and I arrived exhausted and relieved last monday night, and we've been on the move ever since. scoping out apartments, exploring Brooklyn, making sure everything's set for Brandon to start work. basically gettin' stuff done

since we are probably going to be here for a while, I'm not in any rush to take in all the sights right away and I've been leaving the camera behind a lot. but I obviously couldn't resist a few snaps of our new stomping ground (Brooklyn!) and of our errand trip into lower Manhattan. 

highlights include walking downtown BK, my first Cuban sandwich, and blossoming trees in Herald Square. 

more photos after the jump! click below...

I've got to be a part of it

that's all.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(image via pinterest; print available from Heritage Current Co.)

fuckin' eh.

a fresh start

it's that time once again! 
I can't believe how quickly this week has gone by. you guys... I'm moving to another country in three days. do you realize how soon that is?? that's like... a long weekend. only not, because it has the word "long" in its title, and that's misleading.

I really had good intentions of posting more this week, but of course things kept getting in the way! we're keeping busy making sure everything is ready to go. besides, every time I go outside to take pictures the wind is absolutely crazy, so the conditions for style blogging are not great...

anywho, enough with the excuses! at least you have a friday favourites post, right?
hmm... maybe I'm the only one who likes these, but that's good enough for now. :)

1. yet another adorable dress from Modcloth that I desperately need... how amazing is that print? // Modcloth.

2. monotone wall greetings. this is delightfully kitschy! (also the shop literally has my name on it...) // Sarah K. Benning.

3. I love the look of old milk crates to give a space some hipster flair- especially if you work them into a great diy shelf. // Urban Outfitters.

4. maxi skirts are perfect for me in warmer weather- I can wear bike shorts under them to avoid that awful heat-induced chaffing that no one talks about... these are real problems, people. // Ruche.

5. I know this is probably made for a baby, but I want it for myself! // Mistr Sandman.

6. I love that this necklace kind of looks like wood, kind of like bone, or possibly stone. it fits with so many outfit vibes. // Noonday Collection.

7. the absolute cutest swim suit. a must-have. // Modcloth.

8. I guess I'm going for a fruit thing this week? these bags are adorable. // Modcloth.

9. hot pink record shelf? don't mind if I do. // Urban Outfitters.

10. this shop has so many fun prints; I'm partial to anything kitty cat-themed, and a good pun! // Sams Simple Decor.

happy weekend everyone!
when I start the new week, I'll be in NYC! 
GAAAAAAAH! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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you think I'm crazy

oh spring, where art thou? other bloggers are beginning to post pictures of themselves in floral dresses, sun hats, and bare legs, hinting that spring has in fact sprung. here in Newfoundland, however, the mountains of snow have barely begun to thaw (leaving behind unsightly mounds of dirty ice- eww) and people still think you're crazy for wearing short sleeves indoors

well, slap me silly and call me Judy! because today I dared to bare arms in the frozen wasteland that is Canadian April. 
so I must be crazy.

it really wasn't very cold today, which was a welcome change. I'm looking forward to the move "south" haha.  I know New York residents are displeased with the unseasonably cool weather they've been having, but I'm sure it's a mite warmer and spring-like than it will be here! 

I don't think I've ever really experienced spring... it's usually just five or six months of winter followed by a short, mild summer. and it's the same in all the places we've lived! it will be interesting to live someplace with four real seasons. sandals will be used more than twice a year! no more snow storms after Easter! spring jackets will make sense!

gee, I hope I'm not putting too much stock into this spring idea. 

crop top- American Apparel // skirt- Topshop (old!) // scarf- London street vendor

Brandon and I are back in his hometown for a long weekend, and we haven't really done much adventuring. we're just spending time with family and eating chicken burgers, you know... the usual. 
the fact that I even ventured outside the house at all is somewhat remarkable. 
and I haven't even watched netflix in five whole days
you guys, I think I'm changing. 

I'm a new soul

so I'm a little late (ok, a lot late) with this post, but I really wanted to share it with you! 
last wednesday, March 26th, was mine and Bran-dog's 3-year wedding anniversary (and SEVEN YEARS together!). 

it's hard to believe all that time has passed, but the craziest thing is how much things have changed in those few years. so much has happened- good and bad- and most of the time it doesn't even feel like we are the people in these photos. it's strange how a period of time can feel so short and so long all at once. 
but we stuck it out! and here we are, starting over again, moving to a new city (and new country) and seeing what life throws at us this time. whatever it is, I'm sure we'll make it interesting together. I love my furry weirdo. ♥

aaaaanyway, enough of this sappy stuff; here are some of my favourite photos from our St. John's wedding! (I've shared these before; you can find the original post + way more photos here, here, here, and here.)

all photos by Andrew & Adam of W. Scott Chester Photography. best in the biz, yo! 

click "read more" for the rest of my fave wedding photos!