white winter

Brando and I spent last week in St. John's visiting our friends. it's been a little boring here lately, mainly because of the insane weather that makes you want to curl up in a blanket and never leave your house.  
exhibit a:

and that's nothin'. right now we're in Robert's Arm with Brandon's fam and there are literally 12 foot snowbanks. I'm telling you guys, it's really difficult to run a style blog in -30 weather!

but anyways, here are a couple more pictures from St. John's. we spent most of the time hanging out inside, so there wasn't a lot to photograph! but we did stop by a couple of our favourite eats. 

ermagherd sushiiii. how much do I miss sushi? 
I could've eaten this whole meal all over again. immediately. also, don't sushi dishes have the best names? "black dragon roll." how badass is that? "what did you eat last night?" "oh just a BLACK DRAGON ROLL."
...it's been an uneventful couple weeks. 

enjoy your winters, everyone! 
as much as you can.

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