take it easy

sometimes you just gotta see how many different prints you can wear at the same time...
I got to three, but I could have done more. I'm always limiting myself. 

Brandon nabbed a quick snap of Annabelle and caught her mid nose-lick. I love when that happens! she's so hilarious. also kind of camouflaged with all the snow around... good thing she has no intentions of taking over the world. 
as far as we know...

today I was feeling all "no muss no fuss" with my appearance. which isn't really out of the norm, except this time I felt pretty good about it. sometimes you just have to embrace the messy hair, pull on the first accessories you find, and take pictures in your driveway. and sometimes, if you're lucky, it works out.

so I guess today's style tip is... don't try so hard. that seems to be the only thing working for me lately!

dress (as skirt)- Modcloth // sweater- Topman (Brandon's) // boots + headband- Aldo

oh winter, you're so wintery. your winterness overwhelms me. 


Jen Hsieh said...

You still have so much snow where you are! I'm loving all these patterns together though, they work so well that it doesn't look one bit overwhelming. Gotta try mixing more patterns myself. :)

Sarah K. said...

we have SO much snow! it's still very much winter in Newfoundland.
thanks for dropping by the ol' blog! :)

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure they make snow here in Newfoundland to ship to the rest of the world. We have so damn much!