seasons change, but people don't

happy spring, you guys!
in honour of the arrival of the season, I've picked my favourite spring-ish items to share with you on this oh-so-unlike-spring day. :)

1. first of all, let's celebrate the promise of warmer weather! make a sequin wall for a party, or just... for your wall, really. the diy instructions are for a photo booth, but I wouldn't mind this sparkle permanently. //Oh Happy Day.

2. here's a embroidered beauty to wear to your sequin wall celebration. I love the frilly detail and the lemon pie hue! //1919 Vintage.

3. nothing tops of a vintage spring dress like a dainty crown of flora. //Fitzberries.   

4. as an alternative topper, try a classic floppy hat! I love this one,  it's a perfect neutral to wear in any season. //Modcloth.

5. replicate the spring equinox in your own room! this is a moon lamp that imitates the waning & waxing of the real thing. so cool! //Modcloth.

6. when I think spring, I think pink! there has been a serious lack of rosy-hued warmth in my wardrobe as of late. I love these three pieces; one is spunky & bright, one is simple & sweet, and one is the ideal girly outerwear. //Modcloth, Topshop, Asos

7. how does your garden grow? with pretty garden-themed pins! any pickle-themed adornments for my outfit are a-ok by me. //My Selvaged Life.

8. now maybe icicles won't be the only hanging decor for your home. this seashell mobile is a perfect way to bring a little beachy goodness to the indoors. it's just so pretty! //86 Home.

9. these mint jeans are half-off right now... perfect timing to work pastels back into my wardrobe! //American Apparel.

10. these shoes are on sale too! I love boots, but it'll be nice to break out some dainty flats soon. especially if they have silver-capped toes. //Modcloth.


Unknown said...

Mint jeans eh. They look awesome.

Unknown said...

Those mint jeans and silver capped shoes would look wonderful paired together! Great picks!