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I'm trying to re-embrace winter.
I know most of you think "ooh, but spring is just around the corner!" um, NO. it's winter, and it may be winter forever. that is the attitude one must take in Canada.
so I'm trying to get back to my "winter is alright, snow is beautiful" attitude, instead of being frustrated with the weather and the layers and whatnot.

so I went to a pretty gazebo in the woods and wore a pretty dress and a new hat and it went great.

to be fair, it was an unusually warm day for winter, so it was pretty easy to be lulled into a false sense of contentment. I was cozy enough to jaunt around in my sleeveless dress. Brandon picked out this dress for me for Christmas and it's just wonderful! it's become one of my favourites, and I always get complimented on it. the contrasting collar and open back make it extra retro-special. it's one of those dresses that fits perfectly into what I want my style to be.

I topped the look off, appropriately, with my new Labrador hat. a lot of my extended family lives in the Labrador portion of the province, and one of my aunts had this made for me at the request of my mom. she knows I love cutesy homemade accessories! this one looks like the Labrador flag, which just happens to have a smashing colour combo. 

dress- gift, Rosie the Rebel // tights- American Apparel // boots- Aldo // hat- gift, handmade // coat- Kensie

after our little forest excursion, Brando and I made quesedillas, went to the gym, and watched some hockey. it all felt very productive.
see, winter's not so bad after all. 

stay strong, fellow Canucks! 

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