melt your cold, cold heart

guys, I don't know why I keep doing this; going outside in such little clothing. it's such a bad, bad idea. 
my eyes see sunshine and blue skies out the window, and my brain goes "it's warm out! you don't need a coat or winter accessories! frostbite is a myth!"
I'm such a fool. 

it's so cold here! I know Newfoundland has got nothing on the prairies or northern Canada, but this winter has been outrageously freezing. that should have tipped me off that the sunshine was a ruse...

but no matter. I felt a little silly jaunting around on the ice in only a dress and cardigan, but we did our thing quickly and with little regard for photo quality haha... I'm just so tired of trying to find ways to jazz up my two winter coats into an "outfit." I thought a wiener dog dress was much more fun. 

this is another one of my go-to, feel-good dresses. I love the shape, the black-and-white makes it easy to style different ways, and the pattern is just too cute. I mean, they're wiener dogs! how fun is that? 

dress- Rosie the Rebel (also available at Modcloth) // cardigan- thrifted // scarf- Urban Outfitters // belt- Smart Set // tights- American Apparel

do you see that crazy ice sculpture up there? that is not snow on a tree branch, that is solid ice. it's frozen almost like glass bulbs. I thought it was kind of cool...

anyway, sorry I'm complaining about the cold so much. it just make outfit pictures quite challenging, and I feel like a bit of a blog slacker lately. don't worry, I'm going to try and get creative with it! and barring all else, spring should show up eventually.


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Unknown said...

That print is too adorable!
xoxo, Lindsey Dish