come fly with me

well, it may officially be spring, but there's no sign of it around here. it snowed all day, and later this week we're supposed to have the biggest snow storm of the year! so yeah, flowers and sunshine and baby birds 'n stuff... not so much.

on the bright side, soon I'll be hopping on one of these babies (see below!) and flying off to a new city and a new life. and that's what spring is all about, right??

while I really can't wait to fly off to New York, I wouldn't mind taking a plane to just about any place right now... I've got that familiar yearning for a place I've never been. or even a place I've been only once. ;)

Gander, Newfoundland (our current residence while we live at my sister's!) is actually pretty well known for it's aviation history. because Newfoundland is so far east, and Gander is in the centre of it, the small airport was pretty busy back in the day, as an Air Force base and a final refuelling station for transatlantic flights. it's known as "the crossroads of the world."

so, there's a small aviation museum here, and there are some pretty cool classic airplanes outside. the museum is closed right now, but Brandon and I took advantage of the lack of curious (ahem* nosy) onlookers and snapped a few pictures. he suggested this particular plane because he said "it went with my outfit." hehe.

boots- Shoe the Bear, gift // dress- H&M // scarf- American Eagle // headband- Aldo // tights- gift

I based this outfit entirely around the shoes. and with shoes like this, who wouldn't?! I got these boots for Christmas from my parents, and I've been dying to finally break them out. between suitcase living and generally bad weather I haven't really had the opportunity to do so till now. 

I love the funky colour blocking and pattern. I actually think they could go with a whole lot, once I have my entire wardrobe at my disposal. I can't wait to wear them with a pastel floral dress and knee socks. 
I think think this look worked out pretty well considering my limited options! a little matchy-matchy, but when it comes to mint green, you can't really have too much of a good thing.


Unknown said...

These photos are so gorgeous! And those shoes are KILLER!
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

ModernVintageStyle said...

The shoes are gorgeous - in fact the whole mint and grey look is great. Kx