born in water

the next stop on my summer road trip was Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
well, sort of. Caitlin and I were lucky enough to have a chance to visit my other Kaitlin pal! she was living with her family at their beautiful home on Lake Minnetonka, and they were wonderful and gracious hosts to us weary travellers. 
we didn't actually spend much time in the city, and instead stuck around Kaitlin's stomping ground to relax and enjoy lake-based activities! we went swimming, paddle boarding, dined at a snazzy lakeside bar, and even went to a boat-in movie! like, a drive-in, but with BOATS. amazing. 

Kaitlin showed us around where she grew up and took us for lakeside drives in her convertible. I wore my floppy hat and felt a little like Jackie Kennedy, not gonna lie. it was a gorgeous few days. 

since our only venture into Minneapolis was to visit the mall of America (duh), I don't actually have any tourist-y tips or anecdotes from Minnesota. what I do know is, if you're lucky enough to know someone who lives around Lake Minnetonka, take advantage of that as soon as possible! it's so beautiful and quintessentially summer. 

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