a true friend

yesterday Brando and I went to St. John's, just for the day, to say happy birthday to our best pals Mandy & Marsha. a few of us went out for dinner, then came back to Mandy's for birthday cake and drinks. I baked my fist ever cake for the occasion!
it was a lovely evening. I thought I'd share a couple photos, since my beautiful friends are far more fun to look at than me. it'll be a nice change for you all. :)

- sunny day driving with moccasins and rosary beads to keep us safe. :)
- an awesome frozen river between Gander and St. John's.
- entertainment for the drive in.
- the beautiful birthday twins!
- cake cutting tiiiime. 
- rainbow chip, obviously the superior cake flavour.
- had to include this pretty picture of my kittyface!
- I love coming home to this fluffy tail. ♥

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