my heart's desire

friday favourites time!
here's what my heart desires this week...

1. I really want to try charcoal skin products; they're supposed to be wicked good for deep cleaning & problem skin types. this gift set is all-natural and features other must-try items- not to mention the aesthetic appeal! //Herbivore Botanicals. 

2. suffice to say I NEED this Whovian jewellery box... //Modcloth.

3. ...and something pretty to put in it. definitely down with this lovely lilac statement piece. //Belle Accessories.

4. ring ring ring ring, BANANAPHONEEEE. this. is. amazing. //Modcloth.

5. why yes, I am in need of a perfect red skirt. what a coincidence! //Urban Outfitters.

6. sweet & useful vintage canisters to spruce up what's sure to be a tiny kitchen. //86 Home.

7. I just surrendered several pairs of shoes to the "can't take them all" moving gods. I've already got my eye on some replacements... namely, the quintessential pair of saddle shoes & pretty pink spring heels. //Shoe the Bear, Ruche.

8. more adorable home decor, in cuddly form. I think my nesting instincts have kicked in before I even have a nest. //Three Bad Seeds.

9. ever since I saw a picture of Khloe Kardashian rocking a jumpsuit (pic below!)- yes, you read that correctly, "Khloe" & "rocking"- I've kinda loved the idea of a sleek, monochrome onesie. of course I could only find black in any semblance of a price range, but it'll do until I become a socialite. //1&2 Topshop, 3 Asos.  

10. and finally... Firefly. because, Firefly. how can you not love Firefly? I need more Firefly.

take it easy

sometimes you just gotta see how many different prints you can wear at the same time...
I got to three, but I could have done more. I'm always limiting myself. 

Brandon nabbed a quick snap of Annabelle and caught her mid nose-lick. I love when that happens! she's so hilarious. also kind of camouflaged with all the snow around... good thing she has no intentions of taking over the world. 
as far as we know...

today I was feeling all "no muss no fuss" with my appearance. which isn't really out of the norm, except this time I felt pretty good about it. sometimes you just have to embrace the messy hair, pull on the first accessories you find, and take pictures in your driveway. and sometimes, if you're lucky, it works out.

so I guess today's style tip is... don't try so hard. that seems to be the only thing working for me lately!

dress (as skirt)- Modcloth // sweater- Topman (Brandon's) // boots + headband- Aldo

oh winter, you're so wintery. your winterness overwhelms me. 

come fly with me

well, it may officially be spring, but there's no sign of it around here. it snowed all day, and later this week we're supposed to have the biggest snow storm of the year! so yeah, flowers and sunshine and baby birds 'n stuff... not so much.

on the bright side, soon I'll be hopping on one of these babies (see below!) and flying off to a new city and a new life. and that's what spring is all about, right??

while I really can't wait to fly off to New York, I wouldn't mind taking a plane to just about any place right now... I've got that familiar yearning for a place I've never been. or even a place I've been only once. ;)

Gander, Newfoundland (our current residence while we live at my sister's!) is actually pretty well known for it's aviation history. because Newfoundland is so far east, and Gander is in the centre of it, the small airport was pretty busy back in the day, as an Air Force base and a final refuelling station for transatlantic flights. it's known as "the crossroads of the world."

so, there's a small aviation museum here, and there are some pretty cool classic airplanes outside. the museum is closed right now, but Brandon and I took advantage of the lack of curious (ahem* nosy) onlookers and snapped a few pictures. he suggested this particular plane because he said "it went with my outfit." hehe.

boots- Shoe the Bear, gift // dress- H&M // scarf- American Eagle // headband- Aldo // tights- gift

I based this outfit entirely around the shoes. and with shoes like this, who wouldn't?! I got these boots for Christmas from my parents, and I've been dying to finally break them out. between suitcase living and generally bad weather I haven't really had the opportunity to do so till now. 

I love the funky colour blocking and pattern. I actually think they could go with a whole lot, once I have my entire wardrobe at my disposal. I can't wait to wear them with a pastel floral dress and knee socks. 
I think think this look worked out pretty well considering my limited options! a little matchy-matchy, but when it comes to mint green, you can't really have too much of a good thing.

seasons change, but people don't

happy spring, you guys!
in honour of the arrival of the season, I've picked my favourite spring-ish items to share with you on this oh-so-unlike-spring day. :)

1. first of all, let's celebrate the promise of warmer weather! make a sequin wall for a party, or just... for your wall, really. the diy instructions are for a photo booth, but I wouldn't mind this sparkle permanently. //Oh Happy Day.

2. here's a embroidered beauty to wear to your sequin wall celebration. I love the frilly detail and the lemon pie hue! //1919 Vintage.

3. nothing tops of a vintage spring dress like a dainty crown of flora. //Fitzberries.   

4. as an alternative topper, try a classic floppy hat! I love this one,  it's a perfect neutral to wear in any season. //Modcloth.

5. replicate the spring equinox in your own room! this is a moon lamp that imitates the waning & waxing of the real thing. so cool! //Modcloth.

6. when I think spring, I think pink! there has been a serious lack of rosy-hued warmth in my wardrobe as of late. I love these three pieces; one is spunky & bright, one is simple & sweet, and one is the ideal girly outerwear. //Modcloth, Topshop, Asos

7. how does your garden grow? with pretty garden-themed pins! any pickle-themed adornments for my outfit are a-ok by me. //My Selvaged Life.

8. now maybe icicles won't be the only hanging decor for your home. this seashell mobile is a perfect way to bring a little beachy goodness to the indoors. it's just so pretty! //86 Home.

9. these mint jeans are half-off right now... perfect timing to work pastels back into my wardrobe! //American Apparel.

10. these shoes are on sale too! I love boots, but it'll be nice to break out some dainty flats soon. especially if they have silver-capped toes. //Modcloth.

you can call me queen bee

even though spring is officially only three days away, I'm in more or an autumnal mood. maybe it's my recent desire to wear nothing but sweaters, or the fact that there's still a lot of snow on the ground, but I'm definitely leaning more towards fall's rich colours and warm beverages than spring florals and impending showers. 

as well as autumnal, I feel like this is a very royal colour scheme. red and gold; capes and crowns. maybe that's why I like it so much. who doesn't dream of being a princess? 
right now I wouldn't mind a whole castle all to myself. oh, to have a place of one's own again!

dress + boots- gift // cardigan- H&M (old) // earrings- New Look // bag- Guess, gift

this week is going to consist mostly of re-packing suitcases and making sure we're ready for the big move. it seems like moving day feels less and less real the closer it gets... 
guys, I'm getting nervous. 
and I wouldn't have it any other way. bring on the changes; new seasons and new cities.