true north

now that the weekend is over, first things first:

got the two most important medals (hockey, obvs!) and did so well in the overall standings. I'm a proud Canadian! and I'd still be if none of those things had happened, but it's more fun this way. :)

I love the Olympics, I'm always sad when they're over. I know it sounds cheesy, but they really do make the world feel more peaceful and together. everyone from all the different countries seems to get along, and they show such sportsmanship and support of one another. there's no trash talk or bitterness at the Olympics. it brings out the best in people. 

OLYMPIC ♥!!!!!

february's coming to a close already, and the weather is trying to trick us into thinking spring is near. I know better. if getting married in march in Newfoundland teaches you anything, it's that march is time for snowstorms. 

I can't tell if this restlessness I'm feeling is a longing for warm spring weather, or just anxiousness to get moving to New York. everything is taking soooo loooong. but there's nothing to be done when it comes to bureaucracy other than wait it out. I'm just so excited to finally get there, and also to have a place of our own again. I'm tired of rifling through suitcases and digging through boxes just to live daily life. I miss having a space of my own, where I can do whatever I want without question or worry. I love my family and they've been so good to us... but there's nothing better than the feeling of being in a place that is yours.

dress- Suzy Shier // cardigan- H&M(old!) // tights- American Eagle // boots- gift

well, whether spring is coming or not, we've had one or two unusually warm days. and by "warm" I mean that I didn't have to bundle myself into a marshmallow to leave the house. 

it seemed like the perfect time to break out a lighter outfit, like this chiffon dress I got for Christmas. I know it has more of an autumnal feel, but I just love the shades and the way the colours fade into one another almost like an ombre. I think it was perfectly matched with my ombre tights! add my trusty gold cardigan and casual boots, and I've got a pretty easy-breezy ensemble. 

it's a nice break from winter leggings and puffy jackets, anyways. 
xo ♥

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