something new

today was just another day. nothing all that interesting. no snowstorm, but we lost all available photo light during my trip to the doctor. snuggled the cat, watched some netflix, ate a brownie.
well, I guess the brownie was kind of spectacular, but still. ordinary day. 


Brando told me to give him a haircut.
I don't know why but I agreed.
here is a little photo journal of the experience. 

a before shot. that mane.

he said he wasn't nervous, but he doesn't look very trusting...

no turning back now. the clips are in!

that may have been my bad.

just a little tidying... I'm a little afraid of clippers. I thought I might skin his head.

blurry shot of all the fallen comrades. that's more hair than is currently on my head.

after! I feel I recovered nicely from my initial blunder. 

so handsome, so suave. 

so that's it! what do you think? 
I've cut Brandon's hair before, but it was super long then and I just trimmed it. this was a lot more nerve-wracking because it had to have some semblance of a "style." 

anyways I don't think I'll be quitting my day job, but it'll do.
not that I have a day job... 
erm. anywhoooo. I'll close with this not-so-pro tip: always check for the razor guard. 
the end!


Unknown said...

I like it. The only problem with now having short hair is I actually have to style it when I go out.

Sarah K. said...

also your head is cold.