saturday night's alright

oops! looks like friday favourites has become "saturday favourites" this week. I'm such a forgetful Frida!
...or something that makes sense.
I'm sorry, it's very late.

1. how amazing is this newest Modcloth dress?? guitars! so cute. //Modcloth.

2. I recently finished reading Slaughterhouse-5 and loved it, so I'd very much like this necklace. //Out of Print.

3. guys, I think I'm getting spring fever! all the shoes I'm drawn to lately have a distinct "spring" tinge to them, either in colour, pattern, or sandal-wise. //Modcloth, Ruche, Swedish Hasbeens.

4. yeah. I need this mug. //Urban Outfitters.

5. I love the look of raw stones in jewellery. this necklace looks almost mystical. //Under a New Light.

6. I saw Bonnie wearing a Free People dress on her blog, and was reminded how much I am in love with the brand. it has such a distinct, bohemian flair. of course I could never afford it, but these dresses are simply amazing. //Free People.

7. I like that this pearl ring combines elements of classic elegance, and spaciness! //William White.

8. I have a grey fascinator similar to this style, and I am great at finding excuses to wear it. it jazzes up pretty much any dress and makes it a "special" outfit! a purple one is a definite must. //Modcloth.

9. I'm really loving the bohemian look lately. I instantly fell for this classic top the moment I saw it; it  looks like a vintage find from the 70s. pair it with denim shorts and a floral crown and voila! hippie chic. :) //Ruche.

10. does this really need an explanation? the product is ridiculous, the description is hilarious. oh, and I would totally use this. erm, I mean, my "friend" would totally use this. //

and now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to bed. getting up bright and early for the gold medal hockey game tomorrow! at least I live in Newfoundland currently so I get to sleep in more than the rest of North America. :) hooray for time zones.

go Canada go!
and happy weekend, bloggerinos.

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