men's shirts, short skirts

I've been trying to mix it up with my limited wardrobe while still keeping cozy. sometimes I get a helping hand from the men in my life; I borrowed this shirt from my dad before to keep warm in the snow, and I grabbed this sweater out of Brandon's suitcase this morning. he wanted to give it away, but I couldn't resist the colour and fun pattern. all for Sarah!

sweater- Brandon's, fr. top man // shirt- dad's, fr. american apparel // belt- thrifted // skirt- charlotte russe // gloves + boots- gifts // hat- top shop

I thought I looked a little "office fellow," what with all the mens clothing and all, so I added a bunch of necklaces to try and girl it up. I think it worked okay! nothing feminizes a button-down like a bit of lace and sparkle. 

and I was still warm and cozy. flannel is probably the world's greatest invention. well, at least it's up there with and online shopping, lipstick, and the microwave. 

where would I be without microwaveable mini pizzas? I ask myself this all the time.


Unknown said...

you look better in the than I did.

ModernVintageStyle said...

It suits you! You look cosy against the cold... Kx