love is all I have to give

february is the month of loooove. at least, that's what they tell me. in Newfoundland it's kind of the month of sporadic weather patterns and snow storms. but also looooove!

Valentine's day is coming up fast, and while I don't think it really counts as a "holiday," it's nice to have something break up the post-Christmas pre-summer death lull. I plan on dressing entirely in pink and red and doing the traditional cheesy Valentine's day things- watching romantic comedies, going out to dinner, eating only heart-shaped goodies. maybe buy Brandon some roses. he deserves them.

I made a little list of Valentine-themed items I'd be happy to have on this holiday. maybe it can serve as ideas for gifts to get your special lady, or just inspiration for what to wear on the day of looove!

1. you don't have to wear your heart on your sleeve; you can leave it right where it is and this awesome cardigan will show it off for you! //Modcloth.
2. ombre tights are the bomb-diggity. //X Silk.
3. Kei Jewellery has the most incredible necklaces that make the perfect dainty accessory for a pink-and-red vday. //Kei Jewellery.
4. nothing beats a red dress for Valentine's day. //Modcloth.
5. if you don't want to go overboard with the holiday theme, red accessories stand out against any outfit. and a red bag is always classic. //Modcloth.
6. the perfect tea set for two; it says "we ♥ each other." //Modcloth.
7. lilac is a refreshing Valentine colour and is wonderfully sweet on this handy-dandy camera bag! //Jo Totes.
8. no one says I love you like the Doctor; "I love you with both my hearts." //Somebody Loved.
9. heart shaped and ultra-feminine- you can wear black and still be festive in this beauty. 
10. there's nothing more Valentine's day than hearts and jewellery. //Amarilo.
11. funny valentines are the best; "hey bitch, totes love you." //The Hipster Housewife.
12. anatomical hearts are edgier than the traditional shape. //Moon Raven Designs.
13. you still have to deal with the february weather. red quilted rain boots are fun and functional. //Modcloth.
14. there are all kinds of love. for example, that sort between a girl and her cheeseburger. //Modcloth.

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