just an ordinary day

friday favourites time!

every time I write one of these posts I can't stop singing "My Favourite Things." I'm really tempted to one day just have a few pictures of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. because frankly, who wouldn't wanna see that?!

1. I am dying over literally every piece of jewellery from this designer. these amazing blue pendants are my fave, but I'd want one of each pattern! //Kei Jewellery. 
2. Kaylah featured this camera bag on her post about her favourite camera gear, and I've been pining over it ever since. //Jo Totes.

3. these heart-shaped glasses are making me miss the sunshine (more than usual). //Urban Outfitters.

4. I love these book cover-inspired tees, especially since they feature a few of my favourite reads. //Out of Print.

5. loving this rainbow rug for a tiny nyc apartment. ;) //Urban Outfitters.

6. this shop sells handmade, custom leather shoes! how adorable are these mint green oxfords? //Golden Ponies.

7. the soft hue of this cardigan reminds me of sherbet. //Modcloth.

8. guys, I found it. the real wedding ring I want. a diamond slice. now if only I had $700... 

9. more summer inspiration! all these swim suits are so retro gorgeous, and seem like they'd be super flattering for a curvy girl. //Modcloth.

10. last but not least, I am swooning over this patchwork-print globe duvet cover. I don't need a duvet cover, as I only have one bed... but it's sooo beautiful! //Urban Outfitters.

things that are NOT my friday favourites:
freezing temperatures.
shin splints.
random breakouts.
that day where you have to shower before the gym.

BUT there's also the Olympics!
so there's that. 

happy friday, everyone!

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