feet get cold in the wintertime

well hello, february!
didn't think I'd see you so soon.
didn't think I'd see you at all in Newfoundland, but sometimes things don't move as quickly as you hoped...
time isn't one of those things. red tape is.

SO. nevertheless it is february, and I am in Newfoundland. and it. is. cold. 
like, everyday. cold. very very cold and snowy. 
I see other bloggers posting beautiful photos of bare trees and an inch of fresh snow, adorably clad in cozy layers and knit hats, and I think... HA. I freeze my boobs off every time I dare to walk outside without a snowsuit. 

...but I still do it.

I was waaaay too cold in these pictures! it seemed like a nice sunny day from the safety of our living room, so I thought yeah, I can handle just a sweater for 10 minutes. 
it was freezing. sweeping declaration: from now on I will dress appropriately for the weather. 
I will try. 
very hard.
from now on it's scarves and coats and mittens and hats. yup. your style feed is about to get a lot more eskimo. 

dress- fr. Envy // tights- joe fresh // cardigan- thrifted // boots- aldo // necklaces- bueno style, twisted sisters, modcloth

so, here's to the month of love.
and just fyi, I will be cheering for the Seahawks tomorrow. and yes, it is solely because of my love for Frasier. 
stay warm, bloggerinos!


Unknown said...

You look adorable even though it's super cold outside! I love the mix of color in this outfit and the lighting in the pictures is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I'm in love with this ENTIRE outfit! First thing I thought was "those tights are too fun!" but i really like how the purple looks with the light pink. And the lace - like modern victorian. gorgeous, gorgeous! Keep warm out there!
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

ModernVintageStyle said...

Very brave to venture out - but well worth it. Your outfit is lovely and the photos create real atmosphere. Kx