cold, cold heart

February, the year 2014, day four. 
still cold. too cold to leave home. 
yet I venture forth into frozen winter, for naught but vanity.
the natives consider me mad. 
(but all the best people are...)

coat- kenzie // dress- gift // cardigan- aeropostale // tights- american apparel // hat- bentley // mittens- borrowed // boots- modcloth

I feel like I am channelling the Mad Hatter a little here, both for my outrageously bright headwear and the craziness of thinking that trudging through ice and snow is a good idea.
I'm pretty sure the snow crust cut my legs, guys. 
I really need to dig out some taller boots and- dare I say it?- a couple pairs of jeans if I want to make it through winter photo shoots comfortably and with all of my digits. 
I know, I know, I'm such a whiner. at least this hat warms my head and my heart! 

maybe I just need to incorporate more coats into my wardrobe. that would make winter outfits so much easier! and variety is the spice of life, after all. 

hope you're all keeping warm. 

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