autumn leaves have got you thinking

so I took a little blog break last week... it wasn't really a decision so much as a timely convenience. I went into St. John's for a visit because I was really missing my friends *cough*andmylife*cough.* it was lazy and relaxing and cold and snowy, nothing that overly screamed "blog post." I also happen to be in the midst of one of the world's worst skin breakout, so I wasn't feeling camera-worthy.

and here we are! I'm late wishing you all a Happy Love Day, but I hope it was as pleasant as mine. Brando and I went out for a nice dinner and drank wine and then had ice cream sandwiches at home. it doesn't get much better than that, am I right?

anywho, I do have these photos from way back in November that I didn't get around to sharing. it's pretty much the exact outfit I wore last weekend... twice. so I think it works out pretty well. 

I much prefer an adorable dress to a snowsuit. especially one with all of the delicious things on it! I am being completely serious when I tell you that I labelled these photos "om nom" on my computer. cheeseburgers, ice cream sundaes, bacon- what's not to love about this funky print??

I've been wearing this dress about once a week since I got it, so I'm surprised it took this long to make it to the blog. 

dress + hat- Modcloth // sweater- stolen fr. my mom // boots- Aldo

this post is making me miss two things; fall, and my purple lipstick. I'll have to dig through my box of cosmetic mess to find it. 
the lipstick, not the fall. although it would be pretty amazing to be able to take out the seasons at will. I like winter as much as anyone, but I sure could go for a day in the sun. 
I'm sure most people feel that way in february. spring will be here before we know it! fingers crossed.

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