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the weather here lately has not been cooperative for taking outfit photos, or any outdoor excursions at all for that matter. we've had three snowstorms this week, and it looks like they'll just keep on coming. in lieu of real-life outfit posts, I thought I'd share a few looks inspired by better weather and more interesting days.

it's no secret that I've got a serious and constant case of wanderlust. couple that with my compulsive shopping addiction, and planning a vacation wardrobe becomes the perfect down-time activity! I put together a list of a few far-off places I'm longing to see, and the fantasy outfits to accompany them. it's a way to indulge both my habits without spending any money... and hopefully giving you lovely readers some slightly interesting content in the meantime.

I've always loved the Olympics, and it kinda killed me when they were in Canada and I couldn't go; Vancouver is far far away, guys! so me and my travel buddy Caitlin made a pact to save up and go to the summer Olympics in Rio in 2014. I'm so excited to finally see the games, and South America too!
1. Rio is known for funky fashion and showing some skin; an 80s-inspired dress goes with everything. // Modcloth.
2. sun protection and style! // Modcloth.
3. a bright, fun bikini is a must-have. // American Eagle.
4. bold shades to match your bold beach wear. //Urban Outfitters.
5. sassy heels brighten up a simple summer outfit. //Modcloth.
6. a cool tote (if there is such a thing) is essential for carrying around beach goodies all day long. never know when you'll need 'em! //Out of Print.
7. Brazilian-esque bling to bring the whole look together. //Modcloth.

I have Olympic fever! I'd love to check out the next winter Olympics in Korea, too. winter has the more fun events, after all... and visiting Asia for the first time would be a bonus!
1. I'm not sure how cold winter's get in Korea, but I assume a coat will be necessary. //Mango.
2. I have Olympic fever and plaid fever. I'm riddled with fun diseases! //Dorothy Perkins.
3. my cute winter boots can be slightly heeled since most event-watching is done in a seated position. #active. //Lulu's.
4. mixing winter prints is cozy and cute! //She Piner.
5. I may be confusing this with Japan, but Koreans love cats, right? well, either way, I do. //Ebay.

a trip to anywhere in Thailand sounds amazing; gorgeous architecture, secluded beaches, and elephants galore! GALORE, people. I would love to take an elephant trek through the luscious jungle and check out a hidden temple or ancient ruins. Thailand sounds so exotic and beautiful.
1. a wide-brimmed hat is boho chic and functional. //Urban Outfitters.
2. bright, opulent jewellery for a bright, opulent country. //Kei Jewellery.
3. a light pashmina keeps you warm under starry nights, and also covers you up in case of religious site restrictions. //Topshop.
4. this breezy maxi dress has the perfect jewel-toned print to wear to markets and beaches. //Ruche.
5. simple sandals are best in hot, humid weather. //Seychelles.

Brandon and I were headed to Stockholm a couple summers ago but our plans changed quickly. ever since I've really wanted to plan another trip there. it sounds so hip and trendy, but still steeped in fascinating history. apparently there are hot air balloon rides and amazing baked goods!
1. a quirky tee seems in keeping with Stockholm's fashionable, yet casual vibe. //Modcloth.
2. a flowy skirt adds femininity to a t-shirt. I love the juxtaposition of girly and casual for a trendy city. //Topshop.
3. this shark tooth necklace is just so cool! //Kei Jewellery.
4. I want to visit Stockholm in the summer, so a light jacket should keep me warm. //Modcloth.
5. a fun coral bag brings out the accent colours in the skirt while holding tourist essentials like camera lenses, guide books, and local goodies! //Modcloth.
6. I love these ankle boots, and they go perfectly with my Stockholm look. //Sam Edelman. 

a few friends of mine have been to Turkey and their travel pictures make me jealous. Istanbul is European elegance meets Middle-Eastern exoticism, a combination that really appeals to me; it seems like Marrakech, but with beaches. what's not to love about that?
1. maxi dresses are made for warm weather site seeing. //Modcloth.
2. a fringed kimono makes a great accessory and a cute beach cover-up. //Topshop.
3. nothing says Middle East style like gold footwear. //Seychelles. 
4. a gold leaf crown adds a little more sparkle to a dark, sultry outfit. //Noaki.
5. I'll take any excuse to get an adorable retro bikini to wear oceanside. //Modcloth.

where would you like to travel next?
♥ & wander.

*all travel photos found on google.

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