wandering 'round my hometown

this weekend Brando and I made a trip back to good ol' St. John's to hang out with our friends and get tattooed... well, ok, only I got tattooed! I'm excited to share it with you guys when it's all healed up and stuff. eek!

while we were in town I suggested- more like insisted- we venture out to Fort Amherst, because I'd never been there! as someone who's lived in Newfoundland, St. John's in particular, for so long, that was kinda embarrassing, so I thought we should go before we moved away again.

Fort Amherst is kinda like Signal Hill, except it's on the other side of St. John's harbour; it's an old station for canons and defence that was used during the wars. now it's mostly a tourist attraction for it's great views and pretty hiking in the summer.

so while I finish editing the gazillion Christmas photos I took this year, have a peek at Newfoundland winter from a perspective I experienced for the first time...

this is the view of the Battery from the Fort side of the Narrows. the Battery is a small neighbourhood  on the side of Signal Hill that is like a little fishing village within the city. it's also one of the most photographed parts of St. John's!

frozen waterfall!

the Fort lighthouse. it's not the original one, but this is the location of the first lighthouse ever in Newfoundland.

click below to see more photos!

Signal Hill from across the way...

it was soooo cold! our friends Andrew and Janet braved this extra-cold winter on our silly expedition.

a brand new view of the Narrows for me!

the snow and ice kinda made fully exploring the fort difficult, so I'd definitely like to check it out in the summer; you can get closer to the ruins and I've seen pictures of some cool graffiti and stuff. besides, it might be easier to get a few nice photos when you aren't freezing your lady balls off! but it was well worth the short little trip. 

explore your homes, guys! 
that way when visitors ask you questions you won't sound like a tool...

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