up in the gym, working' on my fitness

the past few days I haven't had much time for photo shoots. I've been cooking and reading and trying to get into a sort-of fitness routine, and Brandon was away... so most of the time I've just been running around in yoga pants and neon tank tops. 

I have, however, discovered that cute workout clothes act as extra motivation to go to the gym! I find I'm more in the mood to go if I have a bright, girly outfit that doesn't make me look like a chubby slob. Activate Apparel is hands-down the best place to find cute and funny workout tops (for girls and guys). 

all from Activate Apparel, except bottom row #3 from Proxy Prints

all of these make me lol and suit me to a T! (har har, to a tee?) 
Mulan is basically my fitness inspiration (she shows those guys how to be a man!), and I like portraying to the world that I am definitely NOT any sort of fitness nut. hence all the "just kidding" and food references. 
aaand Chris Hemsworth. rawr. 

till next time!
happiness & health. ♥

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