the good ol' hockey game

I may have mentioned this before, but there's not much to do in this bustling town of Gander. we don't exactly get out of the house much, and I rarely change out of pyjama pants and Brandon's flannels. this weekend, though, Brando and I thought it was time to, you know... actually do something. so we got tickets to see the Gander Flyers hockey game.

the game wasn't amazing (Gander lost terribly haha), but we had hot dogs and cold beer and interacted with other human beings... so I guess that's a win.

usually I love hockey, but honestly... I just couldn't wait to get home and eat and ice cream sandwich and watch Dexter.

hey, whatever gets me out of the house, right?! and the little kids who played during the intermission were freakin' adorable. 

coat- mod cloth (gift) // hat- borrowed // boots- hunter (gift) // bag- gift

this was my "I'm still kind of a style blogger" pose. it's kinda sad, I know. can't blame a girl for trying! I love my new coat, and it's all I've been photographed in lately.

hopefully soon I'll discover more things to do around Gander, and have more interesting things to share with you... wish me luck. 

anyways, happy weekend to you all!

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