start spreadin' the news...

now that you guys know the big news, I hope you'll help me out...
I'm counting on some random advice from strangers on the internet to make the move to the big city a little easier!
if any of you have lived in or near New York City and have tips, helpful hints, or insider info on moving there, I would super appreciate hearing from you.
we're specifically wondering about things like... where to buy cheap furniture that isn't bed-buggy, the best way to go apartment hunting, good neighbourhoods to live in (we're headed somewhere in Brooklyn, ideally). we need all the advice we can get!
what's the first thing you guys suggest we do once we get to the city?
other than find a place to live of course... which is our top priority right now, haha.
... sorry, don't mean to yell. I'm just extremely, extremely excited.

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