on my skin

we had a storm here yesterday that blanketed everything in a foot of fresh snow. I know plenty of people who hate all the snowfall we've been getting in Newfoundland this year, but even though it's hard to trudge through and drive in and shovel, I prefer it to a grey winter. if it's going to be cold and wet, there might as well be snow.

I thought I'd take advantage of the fresh new winter-scape and get out and take some photos, finally. it was a cold day, but the snow was fluffy and beautiful.

this dress was a gift off my Christmas wish list, and I love it even more in person! it fits beautifully, the skirt is the perfect length, and the print- who could resist those adorable puppies?! it's definitely eye-catching. and surprisingly easy to style; I've worn this dress a bunch of times already, including to my Grandfather's birthday potluck, a trip to Fort Amherst, and a party. I love all the different shades of grey and brown, they pair nicely with deep, jewel-toned colours like burgundy or navy. it's definitely one of my new favourites.

my new tattoo is pretty much healed up. so... here it is! I LOVE IT. it's so cute and colourful and perfect. if you're interested in knowing why I chose to get a green rabbit all over my arm- and I know you are, you curious little reader you- here is why:

it is an idea from the book Oryx & Crake, which I am obsessed with. not only is it a fantastic story, but there are a lot of themes and ideas that I think are kind of awesome. at first glance (first read?) it might seem pessimistic or depressing or dystopic, but what I take from the book is that there is always some good that survives. even in the worst conditions, there is one good person, just an ordinary person, who holds on to the beauty in the world. and no matter what, no matter how far society thinks it advances, you can never remove the element of human nature. there is always love and God. eventually, all people try for those two things, or some version of them. 
one of my favourite quotes from the book;

"after everything that's happened, how can the world still be so beautiful?"
"because it is."

anyways, the book has genetically modified animals and one of the main ones is a luminescent green rabbit. I thought that sounded prettier than tattooing a philosophical rant on my arm... so yeah.

dress- modcloth (gift) // scarf- gift // tights- joe fresh // shoes- jeffrey campbell fr. modcloth

so that was my day... I guess that's all I have to say about that. snow and tattoos. if I titled my autobiography that I bet it would sell a lot of copies based on false advertising. okay maybe not a lot of copies, but more than my actual titled bio, "Netflix & Mediocrity."

...alright I think I milked that for all it's worth. 

enjoy your winters, people! trust me, it could be worse. it could be cold and windy and rainy every single day. you could be in northern Scotland...
snow is better.


Sian Thomas said...

Beautiful photos! That dress is lovely on you and has such a cute pattern :) And I love your tattoo plus the story behind it - I've never the book, but I'm looking it up now because it sounds like I would like it, that quote is beautiful :)
Sian xx Rebel Angel

Unknown said...

This was a fun photo shoot to do. I love the MaddAddam series too, so I have no issues with the green bunny on your arm :P I can' wait to read the next book, so you better hurry up and finish it so I can start!

Puppies dress is the best.