merry and bright

finally, more Christmasy photos!

honestly, I'm not too proud of my photos this year... my sister had to work Christmas day, so we had our celebration and opened our gifts at night. this makes for very crappy indoor lighting and lots of blurriness, especially for someone who refuses to use a built-in flash. next thing on my big-purchase list: an external flash.

BUT they are still photos of Christmas and still of beautiful people, so Imma share them with you anyways! 

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pop was chatting with Annabelle after supper...

we did things a little out of order this year; it's what often happens when you have so many nurses in the family! so we had Christmas turkey dinner before opening our gifts. the hardest part, though, was waiting around all day, staring at that big pile of presents and just itching to do something festive! I'm still a big kid around the holidays... or all the time really...

we changed into our Christmas pyjamas and read the Christmas story after my grandparents left for the evening. now it was present tiiiiime!

we're all very excited about our gifts; especially me with my favourite one. :) 
as you can see I had a pretty good haul over all...

as usual I was completely spoiled. everything was so wonderful, and best of all we got to spend one more Christmas at home. seems like every year I think it's my last Newfoundland Christmas and we end up sticking' around a little longer!
hope you all had a Merry Christmas. 

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