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lalala faves.
...that was the gibberish I typed to start off the body of this friday favourites post while I uploaded the photos. I think it seems like the perfect introduction, don't you?
so there you have it.

1. there's nothing more comforting and homey than a cool coffee mug. and what's cooler than an octopus and a little homicidal humour? // Modcloth & Style Dahlia

2. since I have a little blond in my hair now, I love the idea of a fun colour at the ends. I've used Manic Panic temporary dye before, and I am really liking "voodoo blue." // Manic Panic.

3. I gave a friend earrings similar to this dandelion seed necklace before; 
I love how whimsical and delicate it is! // Ruby Robin Boutique.

4. my mom keeps telling me I need a casual winter coat. who am I to argue? it's cold here! // all Asos.

5. I made these chipotle sloppy joes for dinner a couple nights ago, and they were soooo YUMMY. you can get the gist of the recipe here, but I kind of put my own twist on it. 
you can find my recipe at the end of this post.

6. still kind of keeping my eyes peeled for potential wedding ring replacements. 
this vintage opal one is stunning! // Estate Jewellery Shop

7. I came across this beautiful horse drawing on Pinterest, but I can't find the original source. I think it's magical. I've always loved horses. a similar, original piece would make a lovely tattoo. 

8. I love this "sweet" tee in a pretty pastel. // Modcloth.

9. there are always plenty of adorable dresses on my wish list. newest additions are this travel-themed, fun frock and a candy-striped, bow-adorned little number. // Modcloth & Ruche.

10. last but not least, here's my new favourite dog breed! the corgi-dalmatian mix. actually corgi-anything is pretty stinkin' adorbs. but what a cutie pie, amirite?? // Buzzfeed.

hope you found something to make you smile in my little list. I know I did!
happy weekend!

click "read more" below for the sloppy joe recipe.

first things first; I inherited this trait from my mother wherein I don't measure anything while cooking. so all of these ingredients are "to taste," or mostly rough estimates.

ingredients for burgers:
1 package lean ground pork
1 package lean ground chicken {the original recipe calls for turkey, but the store was out}
small zucchini, finely chopped
grated/julienne carrots 
pineapple chunks
onion, chopped
seasonings {I used Mrs. Dash}

ingredients for sauce:
tomato sauce {I used a jar of spaghetti sauce!}
chipotle hot sauce 
a dash of Frank's bbq 
~3/4 cup brown sugar
honey mustard/sweet 'n spicy mustard
soya sauce
1 packet Epicure pulled pork seasoning
chilli powder
chicken & rib bbq sauce, to taste

simply fry all burger ingredients in a little olive oil, and mix all sauce ingredients together in a bowl. when meat is almost fully cooked, add sauce and simmer. serve on whole wheat ciabattas with sweet corn relish and feta cheese!

this recipe is so easy and delicious, and tastes even better leftover. you can experiment with adding your own tastes, like a little cabbage slaw or hot peppers. I love a recipe you can change up when you want and make your own. 

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I want to eat more of these sloppy joes. Right now. om nom nom nom.