in the moment of the meantime...

it's friday! here are a few of my favourite things...

1. this dress is so quirky and cute! and its anatomical correctness means it has Brandon's stamp of approval. Modcloth.

2. I have a travel addiction and this website is enabling me. you put in a starting point and an end point, anywhere in the world, and this website maps out a road trip route and lists attractions and restaurants and places to stay along the way. it's my new favourite time-waster! Road Trippers. 

3. dies for a bit of plaid lately, I do! Ruche.

4. I can't wait to buy these beauties in the States so I can avoid the brutal international shipping! I love the cognac colour and gold accents. Seychelles.

5. lately I've been craving Mexican food aaaaaalllll the time. enchiladas, tacos, burritos. here are a couple recipes I'm wanting to try; shrimp enchiladas with jalapeƱo cream sauce, chill-fried butternut squash tacos, and my favourite cream cheese enchiladas (they're a big hit with my family too!). Pinterest.

6. these dresses from Stop Staring are perfection, but way out of my price range. maybe they'll go on sale? Modcloth.

7. I've been chilly every day since moving out of St. John's, so I'm currently loving long, cozy cardigans in geometric and nordic prints. Ruche.

this week has flown by too fast! it seems like I just finished my friday favourites for last week. 

I'm starting to get restless just sitting around my family's house all day. all our stuff is in boxes, we don't know anyone in town, and there really isn't much to do. I'm really itching to get the ok from New York and get moving! 

in the meantime, it's local beer and Dexter to pass the time. 
not too shabby, I suppose!

playing: Venice queen- red hot chilli peppers

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