I want to fly away

I've been kinda bored with my look lately, and trying to think of ways to mix it up. shopping is usually the easy way, but it gets a little more difficult when you're between jobs and planning a move.   so instead I decided to take the plunge and try dying my hair.

besides a few pink streaks a couple years back in my "emo" phase  (whatever happened to emo? is that still a thing?), I've never dyed my hair. I'd really love to go all out and get a pastel blue or lilac mane, but I really don't have the funds, patience, nor dedication to upkeep that kind of commitment requires. I went for a more low-key ombre. 

I actually really love it! my thinking was mostly "well, it's not that much of a change, so if I don't like it, it no big deal." but it's just the amount of change I needed. this is my "unkempt," hippie-esque hair day, but the ombre looks even better with soft curls. and the nice part is, I can use temporary dye or hair chalk to satisfy my colour kick. 

I know most people would say ombre is "on the way out" or whatever, but I kind of like trying things when everyone else is over them. that way I'm not surrounded by a bunch of hipsters with the same hair as me. 

(*note: that was not a dig at hipsters. I love hipsters. they're ballin'.)

dress- vero moda (gift) // cardigan- gift // boots- modcloth // belt- fr. another romper // necklace- birthday gift

another way to update your look is to get fabulous pot-Christmas presents from your mom! my mother got this dress for me because it was only $13 and she knew I would looove the print. airplanes! adorable, right? I love anything airplane or map print. I'm such a travel bug, and when I can't actually go anywhere, pretty things that remind me of past and future voyages make me happy. 

last night i had a dream that me and my friend went travelling together and "chose" our destination by jumping out of a plane with parachutes on. we landed in the Amazon river surrounded by flamingos. 
turns out my subconscious knows more about flamingos than I thought. 
and now I really wanna go to South America.  

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