feels like home

the thing that I'm most nervous about with moving to New York is finding an apartment. I know we'll find an affordable, nice place eventually, but I'm kind of anxious to find something I love and can make a real home.
I know it'll take time, and it'll be hard, but I'm excited! and I have high hopes. I found a few inspirations on pinterest to keep in mind, not necessarily while apartment hunting, but while decorating. even if you can't find the perfect place, you can turn it into one, right??

I know it's not very likely, but I die over exposed brick walls. I would be so pumped if we could find an apartment with even just one!

even without brick walls, I love these living rooms! I especially want an awesome, retro couch and lots of natural light.

I want to improve my art collection.. by which I mean, start one. nothing fancy, just cute prints and posters.
the kitchen is completely out of my control, I know, but a girl can dream about backsplashes and white cupboards.
this room is perfection, even decor-less. someday!

I'm really excited to find a new home. even if it's small and simple and nothing special, we can make it ours! 

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Sampada said...

These are all great picks of inspiration! I am a sucker for exposed brick too, haha.

One day, it will be my time to go house hunting, and I'm nervous but equally excited!

Lovely post :)