don't rain on my parade!

it's always sad to see the end of the holiday season, no matter how hectic or crazy it can be. Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year, even....
since Brando and I knew that this might be our last Christmas is Newfoundland for a while, we did as many Christmasy things as we could with our friends and family. every year the kick-off to the season is the downtown Christmas parade, and this year was no exception! it's always absolutely freezing and absolutely festive.

the beloved stick of maple leaf boloney...

is there anything cuter than a little girl riding a miniature pony??

Rob gives me the stink eye while Marsha looks her usual adorable self.

puppies on parade!

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traditional Newfie mummers! 

nothing like a feed o' Ziggy's at the parade, b'ys!

hey look! be seeing this in person soon!

Santa! I know him!!

best friend love. ♥

more holiday photos coming soon! hope you're all enjoying the holiday afterglow.

playing: auld lang syne- she & him 

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