an ordinary day

the other day I decided to do a "photo an hour" post to kind of show what my day consists of lately. of course the problem is my day usually doesn't consist of a whole lot outside of sleeping, so the post got kind of boring. I mean, you don't want three pictures in a row of me watching Big Bang Theory reruns with my cat, right?

so this is more of a photo collage that's representative of my daily life, as of late... I'm sure you'll find it fascinating.

morning coffee...afternoon coffee, evening coffee. soooo much coffee.
breakfast of champions. no really, this is breakfast when you sleep till noon.
I just finished "February" by Lisa Moore. such a good read! 
my family's goofy looking' pup! she waddles around my days and makes me smile.
Brando, part-time shovel model.
heading to the gym. one of the few things I can do to get me out of the house! 
mom made turkey pot pie for dinner. delicious home-cooked meals are the best part of living with the fam!
my babes! her eyes look so dark here, she must be her usual sleepy self...
screenshot from Dexter, our current time sucker. and I mean that in the best possible way.
bubble bath time! being bored sure is relaxing.

there you have it! a day in the life. 

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