a marshmallow world

more snow for us today!

yesterday I was missing the sweetness and sweat of summer, but I stand by my opinion that snow is better than depressing rain.

dress- american eagle // cardigan- urban outfitters // hat- topshop // scarft- gift // shirt- borrowed from my dad // boots- hunter

I felt pretty comfy-cozy in this outfit, but I'm not completely psyched about it. layering tends to make me look bulky these days; after looking at these photos I immediately went to the gym. I guess I can't pull off cute winter layers as well as these ladies!

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Helena said...

These photos are magical! The houses in the background look like there are from some fictional world covered in snow. Love the outfit. I think you have layered things up lovely! I'm glad you are still enjoying the snow. I hoping to get some over here in UK sometime soon.