a change will do you good

happy new year, bloggerinos!

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I know that once again  I have taken a massive blogging hiatus, but I swear I'll be better! it's a whole new year and the perfect time for a whole new start.

2013 flew by far too fast. it sounds cliche, but it really does seem like just yesterday I was writing this post for 2012. the big difference is that I was glad and relieved to see the end of 2012, while this past year has been filled with good things and happy memories. I'm so thankful and happy about the turnaround!

I really can't believe that 2013 has come and gone, but when I stop to think about it, it was a pretty great year.

I moved back to my favourite city into a great apartment. I spent tons of time with my very best friends, and I'm ecstatic that we were all together for another year. we celebrated graduations, PhDs, new jobs, and weddings. we went whale watching at Cape Spear, danced to our favourite local bands, drank champagne in the freezing cold on Signal Hill, and played a million board games that turned into mini-parties. I threw the best birthday kegger ever (my opinion, haha) with one of my dearest friends. basically I had a year enjoying the crap outta St. John's town.

Brando and I got the sweetest kitty in the world! she is so loving and cuddly and she brightens my day, every day. it might sound silly but she has made this year so much cheerier just by being my furry little friend.

I went on my first road trip across North America with my best friend and had the time of my life. six provinces and ten states of museums, sightseeing, beer, laughter, hotel swimming pools, humidity, and finding everything funny. I satiated my wanderlust for a short time, but mostly just got bitten by the road trip bug, and now I want to spend my life driving around Canada and the US.

I got a job at one of my favourite downtown restaurants, and I enjoyed it completely. I've never had a job that I liked showing up for every day, so it was nice to know that it was possible! I also made some wonderful new friends there.

best of all, things really started to look up for Brando and I. for the first time since we've been together, both of us had paying jobs (one of us was always in school) and could actually afford things like paying our own phone bill! we started to really enjoy just hanging out again. we became a codependent threesome with netflix. we started going to the gym together. Brandon passed his physiotherapy license exam and is now a registered physical therapist in the US of A. and the cherry on top: he has a job waiting for him in New York City! and that's how we are going to start the new year- with a move to the city I've dreamed of living in since I was a kid.

(old, old pictures from my family trip to nyc in 2011)

in conclusion of this rather self-indulgent, reflective rambling, 2013 brought welcome and happy changes. 2014 is looking even more promising! new adventures in a new city and a whole new chapter in our life together.

happy new year, everyone. I hope all your hopes come true. ♥

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Unknown said...

Aw such a fun 2013 recap! I hope this year is wonderful for you. Happy new year!