that time of year

holla holidays!
yes that's right, I am officially declaring it holiday time. inform the masses!
it's halfway through November and that means I have every right to start planning Christmas parties and humming Christmas tunes. it's not too early. haters gon' hate.

and to kick off the holiday season, I have a special edition of friday favourites; my Christmas wish list!
it's rather large and incomprehensive- I keep thinking of things to add to it- but this is it. nothing fancy or specific this year, no big-ticket items. just regular, girly-girl wants.

1 & 15. records. I'm a total hipster and request vinyl in lieu of compact discs- they're so passe. currently I need Tegan & Sara and the new Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Fred's Records.

2. camera- print dress. the cutest of all cute things that I can't afford... I want this so bad. Modcloth.

3, 18, 24. tartan dresses. I am mad for plaid this season! especially with feminine details like chiffon, peter pan collars, and open backs. Mango, Rosie the Rebel, Urban Outfitters.

4. a coffee mug. coffee is awesome. funny things are awesome. therefore, this mug is awesome. Urban Outfitters.

5, 8, 21. skirts! skirts skirts skirts. please, I need skirts. full and flared, any colour. get at me, skirts. RucheForever21.

6 & 12. a new coat. something cute and cozy for winter that's flared enough to wear over my new skirts. :) Modcloth, Betsey Johnson.
7. a graphic tee. preferably a hilarious and accurate one, like this one declaring my netflix addiction to the world. (although I actually like the pink one better) Active Apparel. 

9. a messenger bag. I couldn't find a pic of the real one I want- it's from Spring and has fur on it! I also wouldn't mind a bright red one, but I didn't think about that before making the collage. Spring.

10, 17, 19. boots. I'm addicted to boots. obsessed, even. I want ALL. the boots. especially in cognac, purple, or embroidery. Modcloth, Free People.

11. overalls. guys, I need a pair of overalls! I've wanted a pair for what seems like forever. I know what you're thinking- but Sarah, those are for summer! au contraire, my friends. I will wear them with thick tights and long sleeve blouses and boots and I will wear them with love! bonus: they are now on super-sale. Topshop. 

13. purple. there is not enough purple in my life. please help me out with this terrible problem by getting me this adorable dress. Modcloth. 

14. T-Swift perfume. say what you want, girl knows how to smell goooood! Shoppers Drug Mart.

16. a unique necklace. it's no secret I love a pretty necklace, and this amazing terrarium necklace is as pretty and unique as they come; it has real porcupine quills inside. Woodi.

20. knit headbands. enough of hats messing up my messy buns! enough! Aldo

22. belts. of the waist-cinching variety. 'nuff said. 

23. these wedges. they've been on my wish list three years in a row. I think it might be time I bit the bullet and bought them for myself, but I'll risk it again.they're called the "drop-let it be wedge," after all. Modcloth.

. . .

so there you have it! my Christmas list. other favourite items include chiffon dresses, good tights, and anything map print. 

are you guys getting pumped for the holidays??
happy weekend.

playing: heavy love- Serena Ryder

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