let's do the time warp again...

holy November, batman!

October, where'd you go?!?
please come back. I've not properly appreciated pumpkins or autumn leaves or pumpkin spice lattes!

time is flying by too fast for my liking. I can't believe I've been home for a year. I can't believe winter is looming. I can't believe Halloween has come and gone and I didn't so much as take a terrible phone picture.

and we're already a week into November! are you guys aware of this? am I in some sort of time vortex?

I'm still trying to transform my summer dresses into autumn-appropriate wardrobe pieces. on bright, sunny days it almost works! especially if I add dark accessories and black tights. 

I finally had this dress altered- I've had it for two years!- so I felt the need to wear it one last time in all its summer-print glory. I was never one for dressing "seasonally;" I love florals in winter and boots in the summer. but it's hard to make a sheer, fruit-patterned sundress function into the colder months! 

whatever. at this point in my life I'm just happy to be wearing something that fits me comfortably.

dress- vintage // blazer- vero moda // bag- aldo // necklace- smart set // sunglasses- urban outfitters

at least November's abrupt arrival means exciting times ahead; long weekends, birthday parties, Christmas shopping, the parade... I won't let this month pass me by quite so unceremoniously! I'm going to soak up everything that's left of fall and really enjoy the lead-up to my absolute favourite season. :)

it's never too early to make a Christmas wish list, amirite?
of course I am. 

playing: zombie- the cranberries

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melanie said...

I'm happy you're writing again!