I want it all

guys, I can't stop finding things I like!
I just posted my Christmas list yesterday and already I have a collection of dresses I'd like to add. I have to stop aimlessly browsing online shopping sites...

well, since I'm currently at Brandon's mom's place sans camera cord and thus contentless for the week, I decided to post these lovely additions.

one. this dress has everything I've been craving in my wardrobe this season; long sleeves, autumnal colours, and chiffon! Ruche.
two. I've never really succumbed to the sailor trend, but this dress is just darling. Modcloth.
three. more gorgeous chiffon in a floral print that would pair nicely with a warm blazer and thick over-the-knee socks! Ruche.
four. a perfect saucy, out-on-the-town number. love the sheer and sweetheart neckline combo. Urban Outfitters.
five. I'm crazy for red right now! this silhouette is sweet and classic. Modcloth.
six. a puppy print dress. need I say more?! Modcloth.
seven. I'm obsessed with this velvet floral frock; it's perfect for winter. Urban Outfitters.
eight. I'm loving warm autumn tartans with feminine details, and this dress is a steal! Ruche.

there you have it! maybe tomorrow I'll have even more things to add to my Christmas list, but for now I think I've provided Santa with enough options. ;)
soon I will have a camera again and will get back to real posts! I have lots of ideas, I promise. pictures out the wazoo. 
is that even how you spell wazoo?
happy weekend!

playing: the dead sea- the lumineers

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