my day-late friend

I guess Friday favourites round two is a day late! shall we just name the feature weekly favourites in anticipation of my inevitable inconsistency? sureee!

at any rate, here are a few of my favourite things...

1. fun striped dresses! I'm loving the colours and patterns of these two beauties from- where else?- Modcloth.

2. pretty iPhone cases, especially ones with wooden elements. even though I don't even have an iPhone... but if I did, I'd get this one!

3. tattoos! I can't stop thinking about them. ones I like, ones I want, when and where I'll get them... I can't wait to get new ink! I love these inspirations I found on Pinterest.

4. I need skirts. there is a definitive lack of cute skirts in my life- where is everyone hiding them? I'd love to get my hands on one of these from Ruche

5. I need this sweat shirt from Forever 21 in my life!

6. I've had my eye on these Jeffrey Campbells for a year now, and I still love 'em! I should probably just bite the bullet and shell out the money for them... I'm taking donations.

7. I'm always a lover of vintage dresses, but lately I've really been itching to buy one of these lovely things. from Very Vintage and 1919 Vintage.

8. art deco-style glass tables. I love the decor of both these rooms (more inspirations from Pinterest!).

9. burgundy! I always love this colour, but with autumn in full swing it's pretty much my favourite. I like the hue of this adorable Modcloth dress and this cozy circle scarf from Soli Knits.

10. how cool is this zombie cribbage set from Modcloth?? it makes me want to learn how to play crib. 

that's all for now! have a good one. :)

playing: built to last- Andrew James O'Brien

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