you're a wrecking ball in a summer dress

I know everyone says this in September... but it's hard to believe that summer is almost over. the weather's getting cooler, bright colours have disappeared from shop displays, and Halloween candy (!!) is on sale. and I saw a Christmas commercial today. I kid you not.
time to get in the mood for autumn, I guess!

but, not without a little more basking in the last remnants of summertime glory. sleeveless dresses, iced coffees, eating outdoors... we do have until the 21st, after all.

nothing says "summer" like a field full of dandelions! 
ok, maybe lots of things say summer better, but it's really hard to get photos in a field full of ice cream cones, or sunglasses, or those little bits of skin you peel off your sunburned shoulders...


lazy afternoons like this one have come to characterize my typical summer days; mcdonald's iced coffee, some time downtown, a few cold ones with friends. I wish I could have gotten in a few more swims, or watched the sun come up on Signal Hill... but I had a pretty fantastic couple months anyways. it's summer- if you're drunk on sunshine or white wine, you're doing it right. 

also, netflix has taken over my life. so that happened. 

dress- somewhere in Halifax? // tights- we love colors // shoes- new look

one thing I look forward to with the changing seasons is the changing wardrobes. hooray for layers! as a woman who's thighs actually touch, I can appreciate weather that allows me to wear tights without ridicule. 
chafing is real, guys. 

I hope you're all enjoying the last throws of summer! 
lots of love & sunshine. 

playing: through & through & through- Joel Plaskett


Sian Thomas said...

Really pretty photos! I love your dress, you look so lovely in it :) And the tights are a really nice colour too
Sian xx Rebel Angel

Unknown said...

Joel Plaskett is amazing. I love that song so much.

Also you look gorgeous! I love the pretty lighting in these pictures too. Adorable!