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I know a lot of bloggers do a "Friday favourites" feature, but I've tried to stay away from it... mainly because I think it would somehow cause me to do more online shopping, haha. there has been many a wish list made for this blog with good intentions that has slowly but surely emptied my wallet. I have very poor will power; just ask the empty bags of beef jerky in my trash can. 

lately, though, I've been quelling my (un?)natural urges with excessive Pinterest activity, and that seems to be working quite fine! 

so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite things right now. 

1. these terrarium necklaces by Woodii! they are so amazing. sadly this particular one (my favourite) is sold out, but there's tons of other great and unique jewellery.

2. I am in desperate need of some overalls. I just need a pair, guys. to wear with a baseball tee and patterned tights. 
I love these from Topshop, worn by the ever-adorable Keiko Lynn

3. I'm addicted to boots. I want every pair I see (no will power, remember?), especially this gorgeous emerald green pair from Lulu*s, and these cream Free People sale items. 

4. cold weather is coming, which means I get to bust out my favourite accessories; circle scarves! 
this ombre one from Victory Garden Yarn is a little out of my price range, but it's so pretty it's almost tempting...

5. this cookbook looks perfect for me & Brando. it's filled with simple recipes that only use one cooking utensil per meal for two people. I would be motivated to cook more often if there were fewer dirty dishes! you can buy this at Modcloth right now. 

6. speaking of Modcloth, I am smitten with their upcoming winter coat collection. I am not in need of a winter coat by a long shot, but these two just look soooo cozy and cute...

7. more cold weather accessories; I'd love this sweet bow headband from Three Bird Nest for chilly days when I can't wear a hat.

8. I've been really wanting a cool retro fan lately. they're cool AND practical! this mini one is from Hi-Brow Modern

9. cartoon-print dresses are the coolest. I'm a big fan of any garment that allows me to wear several of my favourite foods on my body without literally being covered in cheese. both these are from Modcloth

10. I'm not usually fan of Guess bags, but the summer line was really nice. this bag is way cuter in person.

11. this prairie cat print from The Wheat Field makes my heart happy!

12. we've been lamenting our lack of storage lately, and I'm really into the whole industrial look, like this shelving cart from Joss & Main.

13. I've been swooning over these two gorgeous dames and their style: Lily Collins + Christina Hendricks. 

and those are my favourite things right now! 
you're welcome. 

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Unknown said...

Those cartoon print dresses are just so cool. I may need one like that... I also really love those classic overalls. So many great picks. I know what you mean about posts like this feeding a shopping habit though!