defend the silver lining

sometimes people have bad days. 
sometimes people feel lazy and sad and ugly for no reason.
and sometimes, all people need to feel a whole lot better is to wear a kick-ass pair of boots.
(a gorgeous view doesn't hurt either.)

dress- vintage // necklace- lia sophia, gift fr. my mom // boots- lammle's // bag- vintage

earlier I was feeling a little down in the dumps... sometimes I feel like good weather just exasperates my bad mood because I feel bad about feeling bad! but Brando and I went for a walk on the harbour front, bought a new record, and ate yummy hummus wraps. that really brightened my day.

also stars of the cheer-up-Sarah club, my new turquoise cowboy boots purchased in Canada's very own Cowtown! they're the perfect Calgary souvenir- I absolutely love them and have already gotten dozens of compliments. 

Marilyn was right; give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world! or at least her own gloominess, haha. 

playing: classy girls- the lumineers

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