chasing waterfalls

time for the second round of Sarah & Caitlin's road trip!

the next major stop on our journey was Toronto, where our brief affair with Ontario got off to a rocky start. we had tickets to TURF(Toronto Urban Roots Festival, since no one seems to know what it is...) and the T-dot transit system did everything it could to prevent us from actually getting there to enjoy it. yet, one wrong train, four subway tokens, a city bus, and a 15 minute cab ride later we were standing in a grassy field enjoying the crooning of one Zooey Deschanel.
we saw She & Him! twelve glorious, full songs (take that you ego-tripping gatekeeper!). we got free whiskey and bought band t-shirts.

and things kept improving from there.

the next day I made my first visit to Niagara Falls! one of the natural wonders of the world, only a few provinces away, and I had never seen it. we arrived on a hot sunny day and met some interesting people. it was a great falls experience!

t-shirt- she & him // skirt- modcloth // belt- american apparel // necklace- lia sophia // sunglasses- rosie the rebel

a friendly gentleman offered to take a photo of Caitlin and I together... and proceeded to quiz us on which falls was better- the Canadian or the American. obviously this was the first giveaway that he was an American (hehe). being Canucks we were very diplomatic about our answers (especially since we didn't really know which side was which) but ultimately we decided the Canadian falls was slightly nicer. to directly quote part of the conversation, "if you went over the American falls in a barrel you would most likely die." 
that's really our only legit reason.
yay Canada!

after avoiding an impending invitation for mini golf and eating a couple hot dogs, we moved on. only about 24 hours spent in Ontario all together, but many memorable moments. 
onward and southward!

next stop on the road trip is Louisville, and there were many more memorable experiences had there. 
stay tuned!

playing: closer- Tegan & Sara

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Jen Hsieh said...

These pictures by the Niagara are beautiful! I haven't been there in years and now I'm craving another trip back. So jealous you got to see She & Him as well - I bet they're amazing live. :)